Monday, January 14, 2008

at least we have our health

So I was a little late in making my New Year's Resolution this year. But I finally did! This year and most likely next year the husband and I will be running a financial marathon. We used to be quite financially savy but one thing lead to another and now we are bloated, fat, and lazy. I REALLY hope we finish the race because I want a few things that would require a strong finish.

1. A two year transfer to Europe. I want some cash to enjoy it, and I WILL NOT put it on the dreaded credit cards.

2. We really do need a larger house. We are bursting here, I want to be able to put some money down and have it be a house that I LOVE and want to stay in for a long, long time.

3. I want to actually plan and save for vacations and take 1 large one every other year and a couple of small ones the other years. 

4. Most importantly, I want a sizeable saving account so I can sleep soundly. 

We are about 5 days into this so far so good. We know what to do, the biggest challenge is to lay off my impulsive spending. I don't buy large things, just a whole lot of little ones. Perhaps if I make Monday my financial blog day I will honor this commitment. 

Here is blurp that I found on about cutting expenses: set alarm ten minutes earlier and pack own lunch (this doesn't work for me so much because I "work" at home, but works for the husband.)
Also for financial calculators try: 

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