Monday, January 28, 2008

"bark bark," said the croupy girl

We made it through almost the entire dreaded month of January without a child getting sick. That is, until Saturday when I was awoken at 5 am to the bark bark sound of a small child with croup. Ah, the fun of croup. Into the steamy bathroom we go, then promptly outside in the frigid air. It did help a bit. Saturday night was a real treat I tell ya'. Having small children under the age of two sleeping with you makes for an interesting night. Sometimes they sleep directly on you, over your head, at your feet, or they take up the entire bed. Children wiggle constantly and don't seem to care if they are awake or asleep they still wiggle. But needless to say, I wanted to monitor the breathing. This morning baby girl sounded like a 60 year old smoker, wheezing and coughing so to the doctors we went. The culprit: some nasty virus most likely RSV. Forty-five minutes later we have our inhaler and have moved onto to more pressing matters, such as lunch. The boy seems to be staying in charge of his immune system thus far. All of this is very different from last January which entailed: ear infection after ear infection after ear infection leading to shots of antibiotics because orals were no longer working. Then came RSV, an inhaler for both kids, multiple trips to the doctor and the ER for both kids (baby girl only being an infant at the time, I was not screwing around with RSV and kids were getting sicker not better), then tubes in ears, LOTS of medical bills and one mommy at the end of her rope. Plus, just for kicks, a few blizzards and artic temperatures. Having an infant = sleep deprivation. An infant of whom you are worried about proper oxygen saturation through out the night and nursing around the clock = really really sleep deprived mommy. Really sleep deprived and hormonally charged mommies are NOT a good thing. What a difference a year makes, for starters petri dish boy got tubes so he does not get an ear infection when someone sneezes next to him as before. Little girl now sleeps through the night 99% of the time, there is not three feet of snow in my yard like last was 58 degrees yesterday (that has a large affect on my psyche), I am no longer nursing and said raging post-partum hormones have returned to their normal (i.e only sometimes raging) state. Barking, hacking, wheezing children, while pathetic and needing inhalers, are not the end of the world. I am supermom, just ask my kids.

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