Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Danny Boy

This is Danny, he is my daughter's (one year old daughter mind you) horse. A 7 year old Bay Thoroughbred. Like all good presents he was a spontaneous gift from the grandparents in Texas. Being from Texas they don't seem to mind large barnyard animals and giving them away is a real treat. Now my husband is a Texas transport (shh, don't tell the locals) and understands large beasts and the type of care they require. I on the other hand LOVE all animals...especially those of the equine nature, but have never really been around farm animals except for the passing fair or stock show. Like a lot of little girls I lusted after a horse. I still do quite a bit. I frequently come up for reasons to ride them and even did so pregnant. Horses are very smart creatures though and Otto would not move an inch with a pregnant woman on top, he actually had to be led around the arena. (I was putting off very nervous vibes my Aunt explained). At first, when we were told baby girl was now a horse owner, I exclaimed that "WE CAN'T AFFORD A HORSE", figuring they must cost at least a few thousand a month. We are supposed to be financially responsible people you know, and can one really be financially responsible and own a horse in 2008?! Probably not. We also live in suburbia so the horse would have to be stabled somewhere other than our backyard. That is the big ticket item, stabling ain't cheap! But, after inquiring online about horse costs (including farriers, vets, food, stables, and tack) one can certainly afford a horse, but is it the right thing to do now??? I have "horse brain" like crazy...what used to be a passing thought on a weekly basis (although I did dream about horses last week) has turned into 24/7 horse thoughts. My husband really wants this animal too, both of us get stir crazy and start looking around at new houses and debate in town or something with land. We get fed up with the proverbial rat race at times and visions of barnyards dance in our heads. This horse came at such a time. I know that I WILL own a horse, it just may not end up being this horse this year. This was not on my list of goals, but it is such a little girl dream of mine it is very hard to let go of or even think of the other goals that I had. Having a horse has moved to the very top of the ladder, logically I am trying to move it down, but it just won't.


Anonymous said...

Yes you were into horses. However, this is your daughters horse - remember? Have you asked her if she will let you go for a ride?

kdmacphee said...

i go away for a couple of weeks and suddenly your daughter has a horse..... :-)