Thursday, January 10, 2008

A darn good dog

 One pleasant afternoon in November when it felt as though winter would never come, the family and I were strolling through downtown Denver. We came upon Jim the owner and head chef of Biker Jim's hot dog stand. I am not one for eating from a cart nor hot dogs for that matter, but the boy and the husband are so we stopped. Jim has a wide variety of gourmet dogs; reindeer, buffalo, veal, elk, boar. You can also get the usual nathan's. That was what the boy selected and opted to have it Brazilian style, the husband and I opted for the reindeer and elk toped with onions which had been marinated in Coke. Jim splits the dogs and inserts sour cream on them and tops with said onions. Of course the dogs are grilled and not boiled or cooked on one of those metal round hot dog cooker thingys.  It was amazing. This coming from a girl who would prefer not to eat a "dog" of any sort. If you find yourself in the mile high city on 16th and Arapahoe check it out. Apparently toddlers like it too, or at least mine did. 

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