Friday, January 11, 2008

if they only had them in my size

Ah, the Pink Princess Shoesprincess. She is only 17 months and yet she knows she is a girl and behaves in the most traditional girly fashion. Blonde hair and green eyes and feels most fabulous in her green Tinkerbell costume. She owns the shoes to the right and stomps around in them and some other delightful plastic bling bling shoes as much as I can tolerate.  Recently she has become a "little mama." She carries her baby doll with her everywhere. Attempts to change its diaper, takes it for a walk in the mini-stroller, then puts it to sleep. The boy never had an interest in such pastimes. I used to subscribe more to the nurture outlook on life than the nature. Gender differences are due to the environment and not some sort of innate predisposition. But since having kids I see that somethings just are the way they are and I am not sure why. Don't go telling that to the teenage/college version of myself; back when I was practically a grrrl all the time and had only a tiny inkling of princess left in me. Somedays I wake up quite perplexed at my life, while on others I am comfortable with my daily routine of managing two small angels (who sometimes have fallen). Once I had pink/black hair, a tongue ring, was in love with my thrift store clothing, the requisite docs, lots of very noisy music, and could have never pictured a wedding at Disney, a small group, a MOMS club, a terrible gas guzzling carbon dumping SUV that I truly love, or being responsible to the point of being neurotic. Funny it all is. 

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