Friday, January 18, 2008

The Land of Enchantment

 Ghost Ranch is one my favorite places on Earth, if not THE favorite. It is near the Chama river in Northern New Mexico, about an hour away from another really great place, Santa Fe. As a child we would go there in the summer while my mom worked on sorting celophysis remains. My brother and I ran around to our hearts content, hearing about all the ghosts that inhabit the place. Then as a teenager I would bring friends with me to the ranch and we would slink off to get into some sort of mischief under the cover of darkness. I haven't been since August of 02, when my husband and I met my family there for a camping trip. That was when we decided a GPS is probably a good idea to bring with you when hiking pedernal. The scenery is incredibly enchanting, especially for kids growing up in Iowa cornfields. Now that I live out west the vast openness doesn't take my breath away quite as much as it used to, but the smell of sage and yucca, of green chilis and posole cooking, and the sound of howling coyotes all do. I can't wait to take my own children there. In this age of uber-technology I even found a wikipedia blurp about the place. Talk about a juxtaposistion. While watching Comanche Moon on CBS  this week (because I should have been a pioneer woman) I kept telling the husband  they may say they are in Texas, but that is New Mexico. Sure enough rising out of the background in one scene was Cerro Pedernal, I know why Georgia stayed. 

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