Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My piece o'sh*t washing machine

This piece of work featured below is pretty, claims to be energy efficient, is a bit more costly than the standard  top loading washing machine but was obtained at a large box store at a reasonable price after the 12 year old machine that came in the house sale simply decided to no longer work. The first year with the machine was a breeze as was most of the second. Sometime right after Thanksgiving my once bragged about washing machine began to make towels smell moldy and a wee bit damp. Hmmm, I thinks to myself, probably due to increased work loads from Thanksgiving guests. A couple weeks pass and more guests arrive, the FL (front loader) is protesting even more the previously somewhat damp clothes are now downright wet when the cycle has finished. I walk into my laundry cave and see that the machine has "paused" itself. I peek into to see clothes swimming in water that smells rather like post-Katrina New Orleans. The FL has a drain and spin cycle which I've never used, but now was the time to try it. Day after day the FL and I are arguing about whether or not it should spin the clothes to an acceptable level of dampness. FL wins resoundingly and gains new ground; the drain and spin cycle now is pausing. How can this be it isn't even two years old, surely it isn't broken already. I look to the GE website for help, which really pushes calling a GE service man. They advice unplugging the FL and restarting it...oh, the FL is a PC and needs to be rebooted. Yet, like a PC this does not help the swamp I have in my FL drain. One load of laundry is taking all day to wash the P.O.S. is at the top of my appliance scheisse list. I look to the google universe for help and it blesses me with
Apparently I am not the only one with this issue. This very poorly made machine eats things and is not able to digest them so socks, bra wires, change, pet hair, lint, rocks, and other small items get stuck in it's filter. You must remove the front panel and pull out the filter. One man suggested a gumbo pot to catch all of the trapped water. Excellent, we have one of those. So my handy fixit man husband follows my instructions and voila' water pours out into the gumbo pot and then everywhere else. We found the very clogged filter; lots and lots of lint, $1.02 in change, a "magic bean" from the boy's preschool class, and of course dog hair. The FL works like new now, but this will need to be done on a fairly regular basis. Now, I ask you, who develops a expensive machine touting to be all green (yet I just wasted a LOT of energy/water  rewashing my clothes over and over and over and over) then doesn't provide this maintenance advice in the manual. Really, who makes a washing machine that requires the owner to clean out the filter that is behind the front panel on a regular basis??? A delightful company named ge that was hoping for a hefty service charge on a annual basis. 

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raisinmama said...

Any machine or refrid or stove or dishwasher made by GE temds to be a piece-o-shit. Maytag or Whirlpool.