Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A January Picnic

So what is a girl to do with two kids on a cold January day? Unlike the mom in The Cat and the Hat I cannot simply leave my children up to their own devices while I go to the store and hope that a feline wearing a red and white striped hat will show up to take care of them. One is too sick to leave the house, but is well enough to be rambunctious, and the other one is so bored he's lowered his standards and snuck downstairs to watch Barney. First, I gave little girl her first pedicure. She loved it! Pretty red toes that she kept saying "oooh" about, then promptly stuck them in her be-jeweled heels. The boy wasn't into such niceties so we played catch instead. All of this lasted about 2 minutes. It was time for a picnic. Oh we made quite the to do about it, drug out lots of food, picked out a blanket, special paper plates, and tossed the three legged dog outside so we could eat in peace. I even found nature sounds on YouTube to play on the iphone (which is currently my most prized possession). So we dined on the carpet and pretended to be in the woods, at the beach, and on top of a mountain. We pointed out different elephant, a parrot, a wolf, and a mountain lion. We fought hard not to fall off the boat (blanket) during a hurricane. Baby girl wandered around happily grazing off of everyone's plate but her own. This kept them entertained for almost an hour!!!


Anonymous said...

Great photo's. Looks like they had a great time.

Anonymous said...

or photos...however you spell it.

Anonymous said...

How fun! We had another one today too. I love the photos. Your kids are so gorgeous :)