Wednesday, February 20, 2008

10 things you will never hear me say

so i was tagged by denise to write "10 things you will never hear me say." Here it goes:

1. I'll have the rack of lamb

2. no brownies for me thanks

3. I feel blessed knowing I am the one that does my family's laundry

4. I am a Republican

5. Ugh! Another vacation

6. Work as long as you need to dear, I don't mind

7. I don't believe in evolution

8. Driving through Kansas is my idea of a good time

9. I'm not going to Disney World and you can't make me

10. I love math!


EatPlayLove said...

oooh...good ones! you are married to an accountant and are the TREASURER of moms club and you hate math...gotta love it!

love2cook said...

Those are great! I can relate to the brownies one.