Saturday, February 16, 2008

baby girl's trip to the hospital

is it spring, yet? while this winter does not seem as long and drawn out as last winter it is one to remember. so for the second time in the past three weeks, baby girl decided to start barking. this one came on abruptly as croup usually does, unlike a few weeks ago my mommy radar had gone off. it was clearly blaring "go to urgent care, NOW!" this is not to say that my mommy radar is always correct, it has the tendency to go off at silly things, i do have my hypochondriac moments. but as this adventure in mommyhood continues i am learning that there is a clarity that shows up when the real radar is going off, as opposed to the nervous mommy syndrome i sometimes dabble with. so when baby girl's breathing became quite labored we drove off to urgent care and were quickly ushered into a room. after two rounds with the epinephrine nebulizer and some dexemethesone she was still laboring to breathe (better, but still working hard) we got a nice ride in the ambulance to the hospital where the husband and i accompanied baby girl for the evening. she received another breathing treatment in the middle of the night as well as some more dex (she had been climbing Everest you know) and low and behold she was fine. aside from a bit of post nasal drip the girl was perfectly fine. so after she had been rounded on her parents signed all kinds of papers we went home.

"i am wiped out, that was one heck of a night."

"i just flew in from Dallas for this, and this better not be on your blog!"

"i am feeling much better now, and they gave me a doll."


EatPlayLove said...

I am SOOOO glad she is better! I really do hate February!!!

love2cook said...

My goodness that is scary. I'm happy to hear she's all better. Hopefully you guys will have a nice 3 day to relax and do nothing.

kdmacphee said...

I am glad she is doing better. loved the dolly picture, it's amzing how quick they bounce back, scary but amazing.