Saturday, February 9, 2008

hey buddy, do ya' got a light?

so the face is getting better, still scary, like i should be in a dermatology book about rare and horrible skin diseases, but now it is just pink versus the previous bright red and it is still flaking, but thankfully not large sheets much anymore. i have noticed during this very annoying process that if you are at all unordinary (and not in a good way, not say unordinary like giselle bundchen) people do not want to help you in public. that's right folks, people can be down right nasty! i noticed this a bit when taking the boy to preschool people would stare (which I can't really blame them for) but then wouldn't say give the usual smile. when i had to go to the large orange home improvement store no one would help me, if i started to approach someone they would honest to God avert their eyes and turn about face!!!! the usual response i get is "oh look there is a woman with two small children, i bet she needs our help let's ask her"...from about five people. but today at at a large lighting store (we are replacing the light fixture in our kitchen because it no longer works, actually it has been "dying" for quite sometime but we like to wait until our things are completely dead and useless before we replace them) the lady who was "helping" us was acting extremely odd, downright rude for someone trying to make a buck. she was standing an unusual distance from us when speaking, was rude to the boy, and very rude to the husband. baby girl and i were milling about the store most of the time trying to keep out of trouble. baby girl was riding in not a cart, but sort of like the shopping push thingies they have at Kohls, kid rides in a seat upfront and there is a bag behind to put all your useless goods in. when we decided we had had enough insulting from crazy lighting lady we left, as we pulled away we saw her SCRUBBING down the kid-push-arounder. i can see if we had been coughing, sneezing, licking, eating or any other thing in which bodily fluids would have come into contact with the kid-push-arounder a full scrubbing with Clorox bleach wipes would be warranted, but there was none of this. half the time baby girl wasn't in the seat. no one even has a cough or snotty nose anymore, not even a boogger was hanging out. (believe me, i checked.) i don't think that we are smelly or unclean individuals either. i guess i should be pleased that someone was actually cleaning one of these things, because we all know that restaurants clean their highchairs on leap years only, but it just seemed so odd, i mean we were pulling away and she was out there scrubbing, so she must have grabbed the supplies as soon we walked out the door or even as we were starting for the door. the husband and i found the whole lighting store experience very odd to begin with and that really did take the cake. in my neurosis over my skin it occurred to me that perhaps she was acting so odd because she is afraid she may (or other chandelier purchasers in the denver metro area) may contract my downright horrible skin reddening/flaking disease that must mean death is near. oh the horror. perhaps i have thought too long about this. so we went back to large orange home improvement store and the husband picked out an adequate fixture for the ceiling (i had assumed, wrongly, that the electrical box would be in the middle of the kitchen and not at the far end when i purchased the last, i want light in my kitchen but not florescent tube lights, fixture.) I sure hope this skin annoyance clears up soon.


love2cook said...

I am so sorry that happened to you! Wow, some people just don't have any manners. Did you say anything to her like "got a problem?"

j said...

no I am a chicken

EatPlayLove said...

You should have made a comment like, it's time to get back to the clinic, the dr. just called to say I am still contagious!

btw..your face looks fine to me!