Wednesday, February 6, 2008

i just want to dance

so while i sit here waiting for my face to fall off i have come up with interesting things to keep the kids and i occupied due to the fact i am NOT leaving the house like this. since the boy didn't nap today he went down early as did baby girl so i have some extra time to myself. in order to relieve the very dry scaly face (goodness am i hideous right now) i sat in the steamy bathroom, and because i have the handy dandy iphone i wasn't bored. i have read everything in the house thus far. the handy dandy iphone has youtube so i watch videos to keep myself entertained, tonight it was the evolution of dance. i have seen this many times but i always laugh so hard. then i searched for other great dance tunes because i suddenly remembered this girl loves to dance. this all started when i studied abroad in Cuernavaca, Mexico. I took a salsa lesson and thought i could shake it like the locals (but probably not). here she goes talking about germany again...we would dance all the time, and it was so damn fun. at the pub in trier they had good cover bands so we would sing and dance to 'em, then there was palais that was always fun, a jam packed night club way down in the basement of a 400 year old building. (now i would be worried about a fire risk) but in germany they also have bubble parties or schaum parties auf deutsche, which actually means foam and not bubble. i have heard they have these (or did) in parts of the US but were not nearly as great. what happens is they fill and I do mean fill up the club with soap suds, when it comes out of the machine it will go over your head if you are in the middle of the dance floor. you basically just slosh around in bubbles all night. in vegas we went out a couple of times, very expensive and a lot more showy, but still pretty fun. I have not been dancing since we have had children, unless you count me dancing around the house...which i do often. when that nelly furtado/timbaland song came out a couple of years ago i danced all over the house to it, appropriate song too, seeing as how i was pregnant. so now as i shake it around the house waiting for my new skin all i can think is this girl needs a night out. so dear husband, if you happen to read, mommy needs to dance. wiggle wiggle, wiggle wiggle


The Manny said...

Somebody needs Dance Dance Revolution. "What does high score mean? Did I break it?"

Time of a Wii I think.

Tabitha said...

Hehehehe. "Wiggle, wiggle. Wiggle, wiggle." I miss going out dancing with you.