Thursday, February 28, 2008

my voodoo laptop

as busy season continues i have noticed my crabby mood has increased. it reached the shrieking peak about two weeks ago. now i have entered the wilted flower period. this is when i become withdrawn and sleepy. i have the blahs. i lack creativity. running seems like more a chore than therapy. i have been antsy for change. i see it on the horizon....fondue, canals, an adventure? please, please, please come true. in the meantime i am developing a prototype of a voodoo laptop. not a voodoo doll, because i don't harm people. but i could certainly use a voodoo laptop. or even better a voodoo crackberry!!


EatPlayLove said...

can I pre order that voodoo crackberry?

The Manny said...

Someone needs some lithium I think.