Tuesday, February 12, 2008

one of those "teachable moments" for mommy

so the boy has been a real treat these past of couple of days let me tell you! in all honesty i can't really blame the kid with the husband's coming and goings, speech, preschool, learning how to ski. in four year old land these things can add up. but the other day he performed an act that completely melted me.

he asked me, "mom, are there little boys that don't have toys?"


"I am going to pick out one of my toys and give it to someone that doesn't have a toy."

"that is very nice of you," as i go back to whatever it was that i was doing, cleaning, cleaning, or maybe some cleaning. a little while later he asks me for the tape. now i have learned that scotch tape and children generally do not mix well. so i asked him what he need it for.

"to wrap up the toy." the toy? oh yes, the toy for the little boy that doesn't have one. "here you go." as we were leaving the house later that day i noticed the flag was up on the mailbox. odd, since i hadn't put any mail out. so after i wrangled the kids in the car and properly tethered them down i went and check the mailbox. the toy that he was giving someone was in there. lump in throat. he seems to understand the mail process enough to realize that we will put things in the white box and then they go to other people somehow involving a mail truck. i secretly grabbed the wrapped toy and shoved it under my shirt and then slipped it in the diaper bag. i can't figure out what to do with it, to donate it or just put it back in the toy box. but what i do know is that aside from all the patience testing and generalized naughtiness, i have an angel at home.


love2cook said...

That is SO precious!! Maybe you could send a thank you card to him and tell him it's from the little boy. I love it.

EatPlayLove said...

awww...tell him sj's mom doesn't have any money, thanks!