Sunday, February 17, 2008

photo essay

here is my essay, i cheated half of the pictures came from page 10.

1. age i will turn on next birthday

2. a place i would like to visit

3. my favorite place ( i have two)

4. my favorite object

5. my favorite food

6. my favorite animal

7. my favorite color

8. city where i was born

9. town i currently live in

10. name of my pet

11. name of my love

12. my last name (this one was a wee bit hard, and icky)

13. my dream house

14. a bad habit

15. my first job

16. my dream job

17. my current job

18. picture that i find funny (wet cats are hilarious!)

19. something that inspires me


EatPlayLove said...

Love it!! I think I need to create one of these once a month!

love2cook said...

I love the last one. So, so sweet.