Saturday, February 23, 2008

quick, run for your lives!

we are in the midst of busy season. this is the blessed time of the year when my husband goes off to K-LAND never to be heard from again (or at least until late spring.) (unfortunately, he misses most of the fun of sick season.) i have noticed that each year this busy season get longer and longer. this year it started in november and is still going strong, i don't even think we have peaked yet. I, being the perfect wife, am truly supportive and would never ever throw a tantrum or a fit or be nasty and mean spirited in general. oh no, not me, for i am simply the 2008 version of donna reed. don't believe me, huh? well besides trips to the hospital we have been trying to endure busy season as best we can. oh, sure the boy did head-butt someone at preschool and baby girl has discovered the mirror and is having a great time making herself pretty in front of it. (mommy's make-up is lots of fun to get into.) but these activities only last for so long. here is some of what has been keeping us busy:

We took a trip to the local fire department, the boy had decided it was time to get a job.

we drove over the mountains and through the desert to visit grandma

i did steal him one day to go skiing

then i purposely rusted out the bottom of the water heater so he would have to come home and fix it. i can be diabolical at times.

but then after all of the fit throwing, cold showering and hospital admissions it was time for the padded room. (the blur over the boy's head on the third picture is our dear manny)

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