Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Where's the beef?

This is absolutely disgusting. Following a undercover investigation by the Humane Society the USDA put a "hold" on beef in schools. The allegations are that meat was coming from downer cows at Westland Meat Company. Downer cows are those that can't stand at the time of slaughter. This can also be a symptom of Mad Cow. But we don't have mad cow here right, no need to test for it. Just serve up a heaping pile of meat to the kids and hope for the best. Of the 30.6 million school lunches served in 2007 59.3% of them were free or reduced cost. So this dog food meat being served to kids unfortunately may be the only meal some of these kids are getting. I certainly think that as the great nation I keep hearing about in this time of political hype that we could be doing a hell of a lot better!



EatPlayLove said...

eew..I think I know why I was vegetarian for 8 years. And, if Sj gets into my first school of choice, they don't have lunch service, it's all bring from home. Except for the 1 day a week when they can order out from the Huckleberry in Louisville...

Not bad, huh?

The Manny said...