Wednesday, March 12, 2008

histoire d'amour...partie deux

she wrote in her journal that she had just met her husband, the night after the long kiss in the garden. she absolutely knew it was him. he met her family, they fed him hamburgers outside near the creek. they went dancing, saw movies. ate popcorn with sugar on it, drank vitel. one afternoon while driving in the white mercedes he asked her to go to amsterdam with him. a couple weeks later they joined some friends there. she showed him the museums and where the Frank family hid. they both looked at the girls in the windows when they thought the other wasn't looking, she ate sushi for the the first time. they discovered wine. too much wine.

he left for israel and returned with dead sea salt and a ring. it was gold with turquoise embedded in it. she wondered quietly to herself if someday there would be another ring.

they traveled to london together where they saw plays, he had never been to the theatre before. they wandered the streets in the rain, coming up from the tubes like rodents. they visited chinatown and ate dim sum in a small, hot, crowed basement restaurant. they meandered through piccadilly circus finding a pub and sat at a both to drink cider. when in the british museum they viewed mummies, the rosetta stone, and mesopotamian jewelry while he told her about childhood trips to east texas. they camped in the rain near dover and visited a castle, went into the white cliffs to see where allied forces had a command center during WWII and learned it was used up until the end of the cold war. they ate fish and chips at the ugly duckling, a small pub with pictures of poppies plastered all over the walls.

one afternoon while sitting on the couch at the chateaux he asked her to live with him. they soon found a home in a little village named deudeldorf, where there was cobblestone streets, a bakery, old gates that had survived the war. they got a dog, a crazy dog.

note the american washing machine and dryer, couldn't handle the euro ones

to be continued....

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