Thursday, March 20, 2008

mommy needs some privacy

this is WAY more information that any of you need, but i just can't help myself.
while kvetching on the phone with the husband yesterday morning about BIG BAD insurance company, the boy came running in to tell me that "baby is playing with those things for your bottom." I went out to see what bedlam could be occurring and to my delight saw, yes, baby did indeed have things for my "bottom." she had lined up all of my tampons on the kitchen table. (*gasp* she said tampons). they were lined up like tampons in a conga line for God and everyone to see. for starters this should not have occurred in the first place but baby has a knack for getting into everything all the time. (and since re-doing the bathroom we have not re-installed the child locks.) (bad mommy) but the real kicker is that the boy knew these were for Mommy's bottom. I have tried to shut the bathroom door, they just barge right on in. i have found that locking results in tantrums so loud the neighbors eventually will call the police. don't they know they are interrupting my hiding space?

mommy needs some privacy and a new place to hide


The Manny said...


EatPlayLove said...

I have a good one, last week miss GL grabbed a tampax off the dresser, don't ask why it was on the dresser, had it out of the wrapper, and was about to start chewing on it, when I peeked out of the shower to see what she was doing, let's just say I was appalled.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

It's good for them to know these things. It will help when they're married and standing in the feminine hygiene product aisle. They won't be so lost.