Monday, March 17, 2008

no brain incident #3,852

sometimes i have foot in mouth disease. sometimes i deposit my brain and then can't remember where i put the locker key. here is no brain incident #3,852. while the husband and i were on our great texas adventure last spring, i had not one, but two of these moments. a few years back husband and i bought a Thule to carry around on top of the car. not to put anything in, but just to carry around. all the cool kids are doing it. so when we very impulsively schlepped the whole family to deep in the heart of texas for five weeks the Thule actually served a purpose. with all of the diapers, toys, curlers, domestic animals, and clothes the back of the gas-guzzlin' mama mobile was quite full so on went the Thule to help transport more toys and probably diapers.

once in the big D, and yes i do mean dallas, we unloaded all of the animals, children, and diapers. we did not remove the Thule. I mean we do have Colorado plates on the car, we needed to appear as though we always have skis on hand...just in case. after we had tired of the pool at the very nice home-like hotel i began exploring the city for malls with play areas and thankfully found one close by. there are parking garages at malls there, not here. Thulies are too big to fit on top of gas guzzlin' mama mobiles and not get smashed by the roof of the parking garage. oops. it was just a *little* broken.

so not three days later i see a tennis ball sized mosquito bite on the boy's ankle. since we like to check out ERs in every city we visit i figure this was out perfect excuse to check out the big D's finest. the boy has a mosquito allergy. heck, why not. stinkin' texas mosquitos. but when checking out the "foreign" ER i had only one choice...a parking garage. (or at least that is what i told the husband). Thule still on the car I plow through the garage making such a racket, plastic was flying. it was now more than a *little* broken. oops.

husband was none to happy. why was the Thule not removed from gas guzzlin' mama mobile after the first brain out of body experience? can't say for sure, except maybe we like driving around with broken things attached to the car. husband had no choice this time. it had to come off. it was thrown in very nice home-like hotel's dumpster.

i am curious why the parking garages are so small in texas? I mean it is TEXAS, land of large trucks ( with blue balls hanging of the back bumper for pete's sake). EVERYTHING is supposed to be bigger in texas. not the parking garages. being a texan himself, husband was not pleased i was blaming texas for my idiocy. oops.

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