Monday, March 31, 2008

princess parties

this is me ranting.

i am not o.k with this. little seven year olds do NOT need to ride in limos (unless their parents are filthy rich and living in manhattan and then it is deemed appropriate by yours truly.)

after spending an absolutely ridiculous amount at the local grocery store on saturday we, as a happy family, decided that the food we had just purchased would not suffice and make a good dinner, but instead, take and bake pizza would. while driving the .015 miles from grocery store to take and bake pizza place the boy noticed a really long car. i noticed the strange contraption on top of really long car to which i was told "that is a satellite."

the really long car was pulling up to either starbucks or marble slab. i commented that it was too early for prom. really long car stops and out pop suburban parents? and then, the seven year old (to my estimation) princesses. one had a tiara on. it was a bleepin' birthday party. they took the limo to marble slab. because that is entirely appropriate for elementary school children...riding in LIMOS. 

i didn't even take a limo to prom. i drove my little red mazda hatch back and arrived in my sequins in style. i didn't even ride in a limo at my wedding. (although there was one there, i rode in something else).

yes folks, my first ride in a limo was during the vegas years when we went out for some debauchery and in vegas limos are as cheap as cabs. i even wore my slutty sassy backless shirt which i still have and have been threatening to take it out and wear around the house (after the little angels have gone back to bed of course)

anyway, where i am going with all this is: this has just gone too far in my book of jennieness. birthday parties are completely out of hand. what is wrong with just cake and ice cream, a slumber party, a backyard camp out? seriously limo rides, spa trips, ponies, and don't even get me started on that sweet sixteen show. in my high horse opinion this is all just for the parents especially when this is done for the preschool crowd.  my advice to parents out there: you can say "no" to your children, their wants know no bounds.

hope you enjoyed the splashing. 


EatPlayLove said...

It's all about the show factor isn't it..I am a make a cute homemade cake kinda mom. I concur your rant is justified.

The same but different said...

You got to ask yourself if this is what they get at 7 whats next year and the next.....