Friday, March 28, 2008

so did you eat the plastic or not?

i wanted to write about how happy my new fancy schmancy coffee pot makes me. i wake up and there is coffee, how awesome is that. apparently these new fan dangled contraptions have been around for a while. our t.v.s are fifteen years old, we are slow.

then i thought i would write about how STUPID three legged gimpy dog ate the tulip bulbs. (there is some debate about their toxicity) she is fat and on a diet, and i guess was hungry.

but instead i will write about my daughter acting like a goat. or at least the mere thought of it sending me into a tachycardic episode.

one very happy husband called yesterday to inform me, the children, and our dear manny that he obtained tickets to the nugget's game and they were for KLAND's box suite. wouldn't we all like to join him?

"really?! i get to unleash my children upon the other peons in your office who are all dressed up and accessorized properly?" this. is. going. to. be. awesome. baby girl is dancing. clapping her hands. the boy is going nuts at all the stimulation. the manny is enjoying a beer. i was paid a complement by the boy about how i am WAY prettier than those "dancing girls." blush blush melt. husband is cavorting with the other peons. everything is going to plan.

and then it happens. husband sets baby girl up at the bar pours her a drink. straight up water. in a hard clear plastic cup. i hear a crunch. i see some itty bitty pieces missing from the hard plastic cup. i find all but one. did she swallow it? that can't be good can it? it mean it seems rather sharp. my mind is racing, bowel perforations, septic toddlers, renal failure. DEATH! i am now sweating and i am sure my heart rate was far north of 180. i grab handy dandy iphone and start dr. goggling a mile a minute. i call dr. mom who was trying to be quite reassuring. finally i convince the menfolk that it is time to go. NOW, not when the game ends in three damn minutes but NOW NOW NOW! stomp stomp. the foot has spoken.

three hours later we left urgent care. apparently they were more worried about radiating her to see the plastic (which they can't see the plastic on film anyway as it turns out) than they were of the plastic doing some damage. so she didn't even get an x-ray for her trouble, or if there was any trouble. i still am not sure. i am to stare at her for 48-72 hours watching for fever, abdominal pain, blood in stool, and vomiting. but i was told not to worry, she is most likely absolutely perfectly fine. in fact she may not have eaten it at all. so far for all of your information taking purposes there has been two, um, stools, since the incident and both appear to this very hyper mommy, uh, normal.

an then...

at three am the boy walks in and announces MY EAR HURTS. WAAAAAHHHHH. great, i can handle that, he's got tubes, we've been through countless ear infections. but for whatever reason i become an insane person about children ingesting foreign objects. maybe that coffee pot isn't so good for me after all, i think i have reached my caffeine quota for the day.


OHmommy said...

LOL... I have never tried coffee. Maybe I should. My husband swears by it.

Cute pictures.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need to go to a less caffinated coffee my daughter. Something like 50% breakfast blend from Starbucks (the evil empire). It is the plastic that you know about that gets them...How is the boy?

Anonymous said...

I am sure she will be fine. You on the other hand...Pappy

The Manny said...

You are seeing a whole team of psychologists aren't you. Mmmmm Valium.

EatPlayLove said...

life. strange, intense, and we wouldn't have it any other way. so glad the plastic didn't cause any major problems. too bad they weren't the compostable corn cups!

and also thanks for all the doggie insights, it helps remind me that I really don't need another sentient being to care for.