Sunday, March 16, 2008

something is off in the universe

since the manny has been "residing" (by which i mean squatting) with us the husband and i have enjoyed way more date nights that i ever thought possible. yesterday the manny once again volunteered to watch the little darlings so said husband and i could enjoy time in a chain restaurant and then ice skate. the skating was husband's idea and is a story all of its own.

when we arrived at the very crowded fish restaurant we we noted something VERY peculiar. our old car. there was exactly one spot in the parking lot left right next to the old car. about a year and half ago we were in an accident on the highway. rear ended. sometimes traffic just stops and so we stopped with it, but alas the gentleman behind us did not and smashed into the end of us deploying his air bags. we were on a hill and somehow the front of his car went under ours smashing up parts not visible from a casual look. Ms. Progressive came out and totaled the the thing an hour later.

we were both pretty freaked out by the whole experience mainly because the kids were in the car and baby girl was only five weeks old.

so when we arrived at the fish restaurant we were completely shocked and a bit weirded out by seeing our old car and then parking next to it. i wanted to rip the 26.2 sticker right off of the thing, I EARNED THAT STICKER! we also laughed at the Key dealership tag on it, since Key is in Florida.

where did this car come from, a dealer? an auction? It obviously had not be fixed cosmetically. not the gap between the trunk and left side panel. was this even legal? (we found out after a few google searches it is legal as long as the title says salvaged.) anyway, the fish restaurant had a ridiculous wait. we are not catholic and forgot about the whole fish friday thing. plus i remembered, while waiting, that i am not eating fish right now. (fish = mommy zits and mommy is vain). but really it was just too strange. we left and had mexican instead.

has anyone else had anything like this happen?


The Manny said...

I prefer the term holed-up in regards to my situation, thank you.

EatPlayLove said...

I feel like I have seen my totaled Camry before around town, but it was really mushed, so I doubt it.

How bizarre, didn't you just want to leave a note? the manny in need of a change of pace, maybe some Italian cooking? I could use him.