Thursday, March 13, 2008

woman stuck to toilet seat

this is hilarious, the husband and i were watching the news last night before going to bed and heard mention of a women (naturally in a trailer) that had been stuck to a toilet seat for two years. why is that even news i asked. when returning from a commercial we of course watched the train wreck. apparently a women had refused to leave a toilet for two years and her skin had somehow grown around it. which is just plain strange and raises all sorts of questions. but then we saw where this happened. Ness City, Kansas!!!! This is where the husband's grandparents live and a lot of his family grew up and lived until recently. when the news showed the trailer I recognized it. Ness is a godforsaken place. the most we do while there is eat more than humanly possible and watch Rural Life Network. this is a wonderful station with lots of rural life anecdotes and Polka Joe.

a few years ago the boy decided to have a seizure while we were in Ness. i remember thinking during the incident and then at the very small hospital, "NOT HERE we are in DELIVERANCE!" Ah, Ness City, Kansas always good for a laugh.

thankfully all i will have to do to get my questions answered about this very odd occurrence is make exactly ONE phone call and I will know EVERYTHING. thank goodness, now i will be able to sleep.

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HRH said...

that is the freaky craziest story I have ever heard. Please find out more details like why she didn't get up before her butt was pasted to the seat...