Monday, April 14, 2008

...and I am a material girl....80s fashion craziness.

you get to pick from two, that's right two, very great 80s videos for this post...go ahead click the arrow, i'll wait...are we ready....ok...)

Whatever decade one is presently in has the absolute best clothes of all times and anything previous just seems so silly and dated, and now that we are quite a few years out of the 80s, say like 18 years, we can look back and laugh at ourselves instead of hiding our faces in shame. Although some of these looks are STILL shameful and yes, quite embarassing. Being a small child for most of it I remember teenagers around me having certain "looks" and in the late eighties I was trying to emulate these looks. But most of the time I was just concerned with getting Guess jeans, an Espirit sweatshirt, and when I was quite small, the absolute perfect velcro shoes. (However, I was a punk rocker one year for Halloween...because they were only called PUNK rockers.) Let us start with the easy and move on to more questionable looks, shall we?

The Preppy: This is the Lacoste, pastel, "boat shoes," sweaters draped over the shoulders with the cuffs joined and rolled twice to keep it on. Remember to flip up the collar for pete's sake. One's hair was not big at all, maybe some nice straight bangs (put a head band in) , and um, no mullets for the gentlemen, thank you.

The Flashdance/Olivia Newton John "Let's get physical" Look: you know that one, legwarmers, the large sweatshirt with it's neck cut out and then worn with a shoulder exposed and you have to listen to the Footloose soundtrack at all times. 

For the Young Urban Professionals: Ladies, shoulder pads are the way to go here. You may think that they make you more manly and thus be a force to reakoned with, but that very large bow at the top of your silk shirt screams "do NOT take me seriously, I wear both bows and shoulder pads." Men, your ties shall be striped and VERY skinny, when going out at night wear sunglasses and a tie that looks like piano keys. (after some doing some "research" I was informed that pin stripe suits with suspenders made a comeback for a brief period, my research being Michael Douglas in Wall Street.)

OK here is where it gets interesting or just wierd depending on your brain's wiring.

You can do the (a.) Madonna Look: big fluffy skirt over leggings, bodice style top, blonde with roots, lots of rubber bracelets, net fingerless gloves and a Crucifix or two (b.) The Michael Jackson Look: the red (or maybe black) leather jackets, very tight jeans (or leather pants) a white t-shirt works well, once again a glove, and if you were able, a jheri curl. and (c.) The Miami Vice Look: this is NOT a good look for anyone, Don Johnson included, white suitlike jackets with an electric blue shirt underneath, really bright colors are a little scary on grown men. (d.)and then there is George Micheal....

Now for some accessories:
ok, each of you NEEDS a swatch watch (with the very nice face protector that comes in many colors for mix and matching), some Ray-Ban Aviators, for the ladies jellies and the banana clip. If you are subscribing to the large hair look (I will be covering Hair Bands and THIS odd phenomenon later) you should only use AquaNet, nothing else will hold or become quite as crunchy, except if you were to mouse first and then AquaNet the hair. Hot pink lipstick and blue eye shadow are an absolute must! Whenever possible wear high tops and occasionally throw in the flourecent socks.

Other oddities: Members Only Jackets, KangaROOS shoes (they did have that cool side pocket), Keds, and Ocean Pacific.

But, I suppose if you are really cool and could pull it off, get a picture of RUN DMC and dress like them.
p.s. what name does the mermaid choose for herself in the movie Splash?

these are just for Kathleen's brother 


AMM said...

The Daryl Hannah's character choses the name Madison in the movie Splash, because they are on Madison Ave.

Cathy said...

ELLE magazine (yes, I subscribe) has Madonna on its cover, and the article says she's going to celebrate her 50TH BIRTHDAY this year! Way to make me feel old, especially since she looks younger than me.

That would be awesome if you hang up clothes this summer. I think my neighbors think it looks white trash, but I don't care. And the nice thing is there's no HOA in this neighborhood that says I can't.

The Manny said...

It's ok Cathy, don't feel bad. Madonna looks that way because her skin has been pulled so tight you can bounce quarters off of it. Pesky kabala and its endorsement of plastic surgery.