Friday, April 11, 2008

And She Splashed Into the 80s Pool

you know you had a birthday party there too!

The 80s! Really what is not to love about them? Big hair, big disasters, mass production of toys, cartoons, MTV debuted, as did HBO. This was a time before we had even heard of Starbucks (55 stores in 1989 versus 15,756 in 2007) and drank $62 billion "worth" of their coffee. We had yet to hear of the internet, youtube, google, DVDs, carbon-anything, only Kermit was green, and cell phones didn't make their appearance until the very end, were HUGE, and they were only for the rich and famous. Your t.v. was not flat (mine still isn't) but your microwave was probably as large as it. Records were being phased out to bring in the cassette tape and hundreds of thousands of mixed tapes were born. We were ecstatic when we won a hockey game against the Russians and then by the decade's end saw the wall come down. Gas prices ranged from $1.03 in 1980 and $1.08 in 1989. No one drove a SUV (if you did it was a Suburban but no one called it a SUV) , the mini-van was introduced, people loved their station wagons and later their hatchbacks. Kids didn't ride in car seats in the family truckster, nor did they wear bike helmets, but rode bikes, trikes, and roller skates in the street. I don't remember seeing a small dog dressed in clothing and being toted around in a purse either. People knew the number 867-5309, the fraternity Lambda Lambda Lambda, and every one knew what a flux capacitor was. People wanted to know who shot JR, if Oliver North was lying, if baby Jessica would ever get out of that well, what was Vanna going to wear that night, and a dingo stole a baby. If you wanted to watch a talent show it was Star Search not American Idol, there wasn't reality television to speak of but there was Cheers, The Cosby Show, Love Boat, The Muppet Show, and one of my personal favorites Fraggle Rock.

So this week i am going to remember the 80s, in its entirety. Toys (I was a kid), Music, Television, Movies, Politics, Fashion, Food, and miscellaneous stuff (read:Garbage Pail Kids) and just plain old childhood memories. Hope you enjoy.

80s media for the post.

this song is special to me, i did a dance routine to it when i was five. 

a young drew barrymore and a wonderful movie

i loved this as a kid!!!

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Kathleen said...

I have season 1 on DVD should you wish to entertain the kids with it someday!