Thursday, April 3, 2008

chicken wire is so 2007

while sitting out on the lanai this morning, enjoying my freshly squeezed orange juice, french press coffee, and lobster eggs benedict with sprinkles of caviar i noticed this. of course i was put off. i mean i have so much to do with my white suburban stay at home life and then i see this. 

(dear reader, jennie is a known exaggerator, she does not have a lanai, nor does she have fresh squeezed orange juice, french press coffee, and lobster eggs benedict with sprinkles of caviar on a daily basis. she saw the offending image while rushing her kid off to preschool to which she exclaimed " what the expletive is that?" much to the horror of mothers everywhere. especially her mother. )

i mean we have had a few neighborhood issues, you know with all the domestic help rioting and lifestyles of the rich and famous always recording our homes and lifestyles.

(once again she is being silly.  the issue she is referring to is rather two scary pit bulls who have since moved but had become an unhealthy obsession of hers)

i mean we are planning on moving abroad before too long and will have to sell our first house  but, thankfully, we can keep the other four. this fencing is detracting from our proposed home worth which is at least hugely exorbitant and laughable to the general population.

(jennie knows better than to blog about *hypothetical* moves abroad. if she were to she would say there is no new news very diplomatically. if you were wanting her real thoughts on the matter you could contact the manny for he is prone to gossip. and she only has one house, and it is small by anyone's standards.)

the gardener has worked very hard on the lawns and our gate only to have obnoxious neighbors but up this unsightly fence to keep their dog from escaping even after i explained to them that a shock collar was really the way to go and less of an eyesore for the neighborhood. i think i am going to contact the overpowering HOA.

(jennie has a small yard, the husband mows it, there is only a dry old wooden fence, and the neighbors are actually pretty nice, there is no HOA but she still thinks the chicken coop look is so last year and wishes they would take it down.)


the gossipy manny said...

Your Sven is the gossip, thank you. The manny does no such thing, unlike say, someone who blogs about the neighbors and such. Keep antagonizing me and I will raise me rates. There I have said it, I feel better.

EatPlayLove said...

gorgeous fencing...are you sure you aren't in my neighborhood? looks dreadfully familiar.

Now is that to keep some form of aggressive dog in or your children out?

OHmommy said...

are you guys enjoying the outside... our snow is just melting.