Sunday, April 13, 2008

day two- After these messages, we'll be RIIIIIGHT back!

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Aside from Seinfeld and Friends, 80s network television shows stick in my mind more than any from the 90s and or the current decade. Granted I was a child so for some of the shows the theme song is my only memory, but they are memorable. Laying in bed as a child  I remember listening to whatever show my parents were watching, running out and asking "what's that?" only to be shooed back to bed. This is now a familiar site in my own house. But others I have clear memories of and looked forward to their weekly time slot. Probably the two most distinct theme songs that remain in my head to this day are to Dallas and The Love Boat (is this where I talk about Miami Vice?) Another one that I have only a small visual memory of is the Thorn Birds, which was a mini-series in 1983, I very clearly remember my Mom talking about it...a lot. (oh, and just for the husband's sake, Knightrider). 

Prime Time shows that I remember watching as a child were :

1. The Cosby Show (of course)

2. Family Ties (Alex P. Keaton and his love for Reagan)

3. The Wonder Years (Lend me your ear, and I'll sing you a 80s show remembering the 60s...hmmm)

4. ALF (um, yeah?!?)

5. Who's the Boss? (My stepfather taught Tony Danza in college and in one episode Tony mentions Dubuque, we were so proud)

6. Growing Pains (Teen Beat and Kirk Cameron)

7. Head of the Class (I don't think it lasted too long)

8. Cheers (this didn't happen until the very end of the 80s)

9. Punky Brewster (how could I not mention that one?)

10. and...Doogie Howser (what, it could happen!) 
I never was a big Facts of Life fan, I did watch a little Diff'rent Strokes though.

How could I have 80s week and not mention Saturday morning cartoons? Somehow this concept of parents sleeping in while children watch ooddles of television every Saturday morning has died out. Sure there are cartoons on t.v. on Saturday morning, but there are cartoons on ALL DAY long every single day now. Saturday morning is no longer special t.v. day. Every Saturday my brother would wake up extremely early followed by me about an hour later, bothering our parents "can we watch cartoons now?" "can we watch cartoons now?" "can we watch cartoons now?" I clearly remember smiley face pancakes on Saturday mornings too. What couldn't better than Alvin and The Chipmunks, Mr. T (with a real Mr. T during the
commercial breaks), The Smurfs, Captain Kangaroo (only a little tiny memory), Muppet Babies, and The Hulk for hours on end. Oh, and watching every single one of those PSAs in between commercials...this is your brain on drugs...and the commercials, which were all for TOYS. Oh and I NEVER was allowed to watch You Can't do that on Television, never ever...the only time I could was at daycare...gotta' love that daycare we had t.v. time.

this sticks out in my mind

i couldn't resist
just for you love

oh, and tell me what was alf's favorite thing to eat? 


EatPlayLove said...

I loved saturday morning cartoons..particularly the smurfs! I don't know the answer to the ALF question, but my oldest brother is a bizarre alf fan, I bet he knows.

The Manny said...

CATS!!! He ate cats. Here is an example of my nerdiness. ALF's real name was Gordon Shumway, his girlfriend's name was Rhonda, and he was from Melmac. That's right ladies, can you believe he's single?!

Kathleen said...

loving the 80s week

Kathleen said...

my brother asks where's the a team and air wolf......

EatPlayLove said...

Wait, for the record my favorite sitcom of the 80's hands down had to be ALICE. I know, I am a dork. And I watched tons of 3's Company as well.