Wednesday, April 23, 2008

do you see what is wrong with our education system these days?

Who's crazy idea was it to let them play with flour? Oh yes, now I remember, it was the preschool teacher. The husband said it best, "you can't listen to preschool teachers, they are crazy dangerous individuals who hang out with lots of four year olds everyday." The boy and baby girl sure had fun, and since I didn't receive the "EEK there is a piece of lint in the middle of the floor, scrub down the whole house now!" gene from my very clean to the point of OCD mommy I didn't care much about the flour mess, just a quick vacuum. In terms of household cleanliness I have TWO pet peeves:

1. Dishes in sink
2. Unmade beds

If those two are accomplished the rest of the house can wait for the 1x weekly cleaning. In fact, the laundry has been known to get so fed up with sitting in the basket it drags itself down to the laundry room pleading with me to put it out of it's misery. Usually I come up with better things to do, poor laundry.


love2cook said...

Good for you for letting the kids BE KIDS and having some playful fun.

Kathleen said...

How cool, they look like they loved it!