Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lions for Lambs

I just watched Lions for Lambs last night and REALLY recommend it. While one may surmise that it is simply an anti war film, I think it's bigger statement is one of personal and national responsibility. This is mainly a "talkie" film but is extremely well done and makes very important points about the War in Iraq/War on Terror, our current popular culture, as well as, us as a nation, taking responsibility for our previous and current global actions. I think if you are left with an uncomfortable feeling after watching the film it got through to you. I certainly felt that way, but it also speaks to people about finding their own personal gift in which you can affect the most change in the world. (You know the whole adage about "being the change") This is a hard self evaluation for anyone, I am working on it and believe that I am getting closer to what it is I will be doing in the next (post-stay at home) phase in my life. Anyway, I think it is really great film. 

(note i am using extremely pretentious word: film)

Here is a trailer for your viewing pleasure. 

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