Tuesday, April 1, 2008

mmm...peanuts and cracker jacks (and Tulo)

it's that time of year again, baseball. i love it. and this is why: men in uniforms and arms galore. i have an arm fetish. (you didn't think i would sit through nine plus innings and get nothing out of it did you?)  when i met the husband he was in uniform, it was summer, and his *perfect* and, yes i actually mean perfect, arms were showing. 

so while running at the gym yesterday (too cold for the non-existent baby jogger) i got to watch baseball (it was the Dodgers and the Giants) because the Cardinal/Rockies game was rained out!!! that is always a hard one for me anyway being an ex-STL girl.  it was either that or Suze Orman on Oprah, who i just cannot tolerate. orman, not oprah, no bad comes from madame oprah.

so i get to watch the opening day game take two tonight. and a whole lot of arms. 

and really who could forget this from last year (just don't talk about the WS outcome)

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love2cook said...

I LOVE baseball too. Yes, we love those Rockies. The Nationals just built a new stadium out here. Looking forward to a game sometime.