Monday, April 7, 2008

splishy splashy or Citius, Altius, Fortius

i have been out of my post adolescent idealist phase for a little while now. oh sure i try to stay up on world matters and was recently called "a social justice person" by someone who i respect and found this to be a complement. have i mentioned i am a liberal? have i mentioned that i *love* the olympics and watch it like some watch the World Cup and salivate at it's approach like John Elway did the 1997 superbowl? have i mentioned that i tried hard to give my children a china free christmas, not because i want to be pretentious and name drop the brands of my children's toys but i was sick of lead paint scares, inferior shit, and just a total disregard for the consumer? especially when that consumer is my kid(s). i do realize that china is simply behaving the same way that the United States has behaved for many years and up until very recently got away with this parasitic behavior.

BUT! i am not ok with protestors trying to extinguish the olympic torch. the olympics are way more than one country, they are a symbol of peace and to politicize them simply makes the protestors seem like toddlers throwing a tantrum. (dare i say the 1980 and 1984 olympics) i know that the olympics are big business (especially for Coke, McDonalds, and NBC). yet, i still believe the torch and its symbolism by being carried through out the world says way more than a protest can. it was my understanding there was a global collective grief after the murders which occurred during the Munich games, not unlike September 12, 2001. we are all humans on this planet together for better or worse and for two weeks every four years (summer only here) we are able to set aside differences and watch some really great people competing. not warring. not hating. these games were started simply to "promote international peace through sporting competition."

i feel for the oppressed people in tibet. but maybe, just maybe, by bringing china into the global economy and global culture they will learn their manners and be held to some higher standards versus antagonizing and creating a new forbidden city. maybe, by having the entire world watch this summer and by having all walks of life actually in china for pleasure (and not simply to ensure corporate greed through automating the average chinese worker) change can happen both inside the great wall as well as the outside.


EatPlayLove said...

I disagree! China sucks the world of it's life. And the Tibetans are not oppressed, they are sterilized, marginalized, and killed at the hands of the Chinese.

*sorry..i'm still fuming about this darn school thing..China got some of my anger*

I'll never forget the day the torch ran through my town on it's way to the ADK MTNS for the winter olympics back in 80 something or other. it was magical!

love2cook said...

I look forward to the Olympics this summer as well. Like you, I LOVE the Olympics, especially the summer games. It'll be nice to have something positive on the news for a change.

Kathleen said...

I love the olympics. I just can't understand people wanted to damage the flame or the poor girl carrying it. It's hardly her fault. No matter who the host country is it's suppose to be a peaceful gathering of sportsman ship and skill. It's suppose to be about some kid coming from behind and winning the gold, thats what we all want to see