Wednesday, May 7, 2008

mama always said you'd have days like this

I have claustrophobia, pretty bad too. My house has begun to make me feel claustrophobic because the amount of stuff in it. My house is not one of those houses you see on Dr. Phil where the people have hording issues, that gives me anxiety just watching it, but I really can't handle stuff everywhere so yesterday I decided we would start selling things. I packed a laundry basket full of things sitting around in closets and took them to the local kids' consignment shop. Most were infant gifts that where never taken out of the packaging. They gave me $37.71 for my stuff. I was pleased, I didn't have any attachment to these things for they had simply sat at the top of closets for years. They weren't making me any cash there. 

While driving home from the happy consignment store the Princess SUV expressed her views about needing new shoes. That's right I got a flat. I attract flats. I think I have had six in my life. I am not old, that is a very silly amount of flats. My Princess SUV has a drinking problem as I have mentioned before. She only drinks top shelf too, I tried to slip in a well drink once and she turned on her check engine light and demanded that I take her to the dealer to see what the well drink had done for her. It pissed off her emissions. So now she exclusively drinks top shelf. Which, you may have noticed, has become pretty damn pricey lately. In the past month I have only filled up twice which is hard because she likes to slam her drinks  down as opposed to sipping them politely. (I am trying really hard not to just "drive" around and have been planning trips to get the most stuff done in the smallest amount of distance possible.) So after dealing with the initial oooohhhh  *FUUUUUDDDDGGGGEEEE* moment yesterday, I drove Princess right across the street from the scene of the flat to a tire store of all things. Oh yes, it was right across the street.

They quoted me $985 for new tires. That's right Princess wants Jimmy Choos just like baby girl does apparently. Now the husband has been mentioning that Princess needs new tires very soon. To which I put my fingers in my ears and sang a little ditty. The tire store said "we can't put a new tire on with three old tires because there is so much of a tread difference that it is unsafe and will negate your warranty."  I simply said, "Um I will not be plunking down a thousand dollars without even describing the situation to the husband, can you just put the spare on?!"

So they did and I left. The husband is convinced that we can get either a better deal on the same tires or better tires at the same price elsewhere. Either way, I am saying "thank you Uncle Sam for the "economic stimulus package," I had visions of doing other things with that money but at least you paid for my tires. Gracias. Oops that was Spanish, which is a no no. Thanks." 


Cathy said...

What a day--I'd be terrified to have a flat with my kids in the car. I was shown how to change a flat a long time ago, but I can't remember.

Kathleen said...

hey check out costco for tires they have always been the cheapest. also they should be able to replace just two to keep the warranty and then in a couple of months you can replace the other two if they need donw. (been there done that!)

love2cook said...

Yes, I agree with Kathleen and was going to mention Costco too. Sorry about your bad day :(

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sounds like we're all about Costco for tires. ; ) They did a good job on hubby's "trying to keep it alive another few months" car. LOL!