Monday, May 5, 2008

Planting Day...and I have a blister to show for it!

I am not sure when most of America stopped planting little backyard vegetable gardens, obviously it used to be a necessity. Then it became a burden. But it seems as though it is gaining popularity once again, a new novelty. When I was pregnant with baby girl I became obsessed with having a garden. I am not sure if it was the hormones talking or what, but I simply HAD to have one. So Texas raised husband (and former FFA participant...yep he raised a steer and a hog, their names were Mooey and Schnoz) was capable of giving into my demands. So we basically made a square in the backyard, tilled up the dirt, put seeds in the dirt, and waited. It was incredible watching it grow. I loved weeding and watering and showing the boy where food came from. Which is the dirt. Or a very pregnant Earth. 

Last year were took our very ridiculous schlepp across the country to Dallas for five weeks and completely missed planting season. I was disappointed. So in October I was feeling antsy and had WAY too much garlic sitting around my house so I threw some in the ground and am very pleased the shoots are now coming up.

But once again Springtime has rolled around and I am in Colorado and not some other state so yesterday I found myself with garden tools and seeds. It was heaven. I love planting vegetables. I know most people like flowers but, this girl is a veggie lover. We mixed up the very nice dirt with yep, manure. I bought it, you can buy steer manure. When purchased there is no smell, but it is a natural fertilizer and rather necessary at first. There is no need to be afraid of contamination because everything is well broken down and harmless once the shoots are poking through and certainly by the time the vegetables flower. We planted: chard, lettuce, cucumbers, acorn squash, edamame (soy beans), and green beans. Soon we will plant the tomatoes and we already planted the garlic. The nice thing about lettuce and chard is that it comes up early so we can put in something else (maybe peppers) that have already been started and have good growth one lettuce and chard are finished and in our bellies.

I did plant some sunflowers too, just to see what happens. I love gardening, it is meditative, healthy, and honestly, nourishing for the soul after being overstimulated by electronics and noise. Maybe I'll go buy a farm...but probably not.


love2cook said...

SO FUN!!! We had a vegetable garden in Albuquerque. We grew basil, thyme, chives, tomatillos, corn, sunflowers, carrots and peppers. It was so much fun. I also did a veggie garden my first year of teaching. It was so great to see inner city kids getting excited over eating salad (something they rarely ate).
I'm a vegetable garden girl too. We have 2 small tomato plants out in pots outside in our teeny, tiny backyard. :( Someday we'll have another garden. Good luck!
Oh, we also grew strawberries!

Kathleen said...

Good luck, i look forward to a progress report. I have tried many times to get sunflowers to grow well but had no luck.

Cathy said...

That's awesome!! We've got a garden going too--so far we've planted peas, some herbs in pots, and some tomatoes on the south side of the yard. Terry grew up on a farm in KY, so we've been gardening forever, and I love it, too. I'll be excited to hear how your endame does.

EatPlayLove said...

So what's my buy in for your vege share? I'll be over when the cukes are ripe and juice-ay!

I so missed the dip today!

Mindy said...

I know how important it is to have a garden…I love going out and picking fresh veggies, there is nothing better. Once I get back home I’m looking at turning a portion of the back yard into a garden now that I have gotten the inside of the house some what homie.
Did Joe tell you how many times I had to clean the pin for schnoz?? I hated every minute of it that’s why I stuck with goats and lambs because they are not that messy. Oh but there was always a price to be paid for taking care of his animal.