Friday, May 30, 2008

summertime and the livin's easy

Last year's debacle with obtaining a small wadding pool ended with us receiving one that was previously used by a Weimaraner puppy during hunting training. It worked just fine for us, but ended up getting holes in at after our dog tried to dig through it. So off to gasp WalMart I went to see if they had any left because it is hit or miss with the baby pools this time of year. The large plastic tubs are quite coveted in our neck of the woods. Water here is cold year round when it comes from the hose so I filled up the baby pool before nap time and then at 3:15 two screaming children bolted from their beds to escape to some summer bliss in the backyard. It could have been a Countrytime Lemonade commercial. (And now that thought has entered the brain I am craving lemonade.) The large green thing standing on end is a Plasma Car and it is uber cool. Oh yes, I just typed uber...random foreign words sprinkled in is tres trendy. Or really I am just a big dork. This really has no point, let's move on.

And here is the current state of the garden, I am so proud the seeds are growing so big. Sniffle.

Tomatoes are being planted on Sunday! Please ignore the weeds in the dog run area behind the garden, they came from the neighbor's yard I swear. 


Cathy said...

My boys were maniacs this afternoon--I should have gotten the pool out for them! Glad you got one before there was a run on them.

Kathleen said...

oooh the garden looks great, the garlic looks huge - have you ever grown zuchini? i may need to chat you about it!

EatPlayLove said...

Umm...I SO want one of those plastic pools. I, yes ME, even went to Walmart a few weeks ago in search of one.

Now I know where to hop the fence and find one.

I have no sprouts yet from my garden. Just seeds doing their magic under the soil. I'm waiting, patiently.

The Manny Rides Again said...

You spelled "Über" wrong. You forgot the umlaut over the "u". I am so disappointed in your quasi-trendy ways. You live in Germany and forget an umlaut. I scoff at you, scoff scoff scoff scoff.