Friday, May 2, 2008

This is a true story!

Imagine for a minute, Dear Reader, a happy family sitting around the dinner table. All are happy, for not one of them is a teenager so everyone is chatting, and using his or her manners. The dinner is nothing to write home about, I am guessing it was some sort of chicken, couscous, and perhaps a couple vegetables. There was no dessert. There is hardly ever dessert. This is the usual meal in the Jennie Household. Most know, and most of the time remember, not to criticize such a boring meal. There are three dark haired with brown eyes individuals sitting at the table. And then there is the blond haired green eyed one. She has an agenda all of her own in this world and it to obtain some Jimmy Choo shoes. She is a smart child and is  learning to speak. Her attempts at making her unfashionable family understand her have been fraught with frustration, that is until the night of the otherwise unmemorable meal...

"Did everyone have a good day today?"

"Yes Daddy, we played in the sprinkler. Mommy said the phone told her is was 82 degrees, that is really hot. Hot enough to play in the sprinkler. Then I got all muddy and the smeared mud all over baby, and Maddy the dog, and my play house. Mommy said that it is supposed to snow tomorrow but I don't believe her. I don't want to eat my chicken. After dinner can we go outside and play tee ball? I am an expert at cleaning the house. Mommy and I did some spring cleaning today and it was really fun. No it wasn't really fun, I am an expert though. I did not take an nap today, but on the other hand baby did....."

and the boy just kept talking.

Baby Girl was contemplating how to tell her family her desires in the the shoe department. While she thought she threw her chicken pieces on the ground for Maddy the Dog. Then she threw the boring broccoli on the floor for Maddy the dog too.

"chew chew chewie!!!"

"....and then I um, um, um, took a skull of a prairie dog into preschool and everyone looked at it with a magnifying glass, well not everyone. Then my best friend *Oliver* (name changed due to possible Internet whack jobs) came in with a cast on his arm. He broke is arm. Can you believe that...."

"What did you say baby girl?"

"chew chew chewie! chew shoes. shoes. shoe. ja chewie shoe."

"The Husband, it sounded like she said chew shoes? That is strange."

"Do you want to eat your shoes?"


"HA HA HA HA my baby sister said chew shoes, you can't eat shoes, I once licked a shoe but Mommy said not to because there are um,um,um, yucky things on the bottom that make me sick....

"ja chew shoes! ja chew shoes."

"The husband, what is she talking about?"

"I think she wants Jimmy Choo Shoes," as he looked up from his blackberry.

"Ok the fact that you know about Jimmy Choo Shoes is more than a little odd. Is that what you want Jimmy Choo Shoes?

With the BIGGEST smile on her face, "CHOO SHOES!"

So the darling blond child was finally able to express her needs, her poor father was choking on a piece of chicken. Jennie was calling her mother, the only one she knew that could fully appreciate such niceties (for she had just returned from Harrod's.)

A few days later Jennie did the best she could do and took the small blonde haired child to a fine store called, Target. Perhaps you have one in your own town, and purchased her a pair of sandals.

Baby girl is putting up with them for now.


EatPlayLove said...

I hate to disappoint girl child, but I don't think they make Jimmy Choo's as wide as they are long. She's got a few years yet.

Too funny! She can slip into my Prada's the next time she is over, close enough?!

Kathleen said...

priceless, would have loved to have seen your hubby's face!

techie-mommy said...

A girl knows what she wants :) Cute!

Cathy said...

Way to go!!! The girl has got taste!