Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Seven: chicken cordon bleu and chocolate cake

So 1950s week has now come to a close. Yesterday was spent with even more coking and cleaning. The last dinner was finally served on the good china, chicken condon bleu and had chocolate cake for desert. Since we are still wating on the adjuster I once again washed all the dishes by hand. After that I declared 50s week over and ran triumphantly to the bathtub where I soaked and read a book. My hypothsis was proved true, the husband came home every night for dinner (I am not sure when he came home for dinner that many nights in a row), he helped clean everynight except the night I sent him to bed because he was ill. Who knows if it was all the cooking and cleaning he was after, the more demure me, or if being subtle really does pay off. I did get used to apron and will proably continue to use it. It was nice to see a happy husband come home instead of a grouchy one. He said he could have come home grouchy since his work load had not changed, but since he knew what to expect when he got home he was going to being a good mood when he walked through the door. I think women through time have always carried an unnecessary unfair share of the domestic responsibilites. We have proved that we too can be working stiffs like the men in our lives and yet the household chores still fall primarily on women, which leads to some resentment. I stay home so I naturally would do the domestic work. What I have learned from this little experiment is that the women of that era were some pretty tough ladies. It is hard to cook and clean this much and not complain. If this hard work was at least appreciated I think there would be some happier people and marriages around. The first couple of days I was pretty tired and could have used that martini at lunch, but I got used to the increased workload. I just wish it didn't take such silliness to make the man come home for dinner. So Dear Reader, give your mom a call and tell her you love her and thank you. (Remember to tell that to your wife too!)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day Five/Six: Donna Reed vs. Debra Barone

I realized that I do not own a table cloth and was most distraught about it. But since the week is almost over and I am the ever frugal housewife this item will not be purchased. DH has been trying to put the kibosh on the game. He has enlisted my help in installing the new appliances. I do find it interesting that the new appliances were finally purchased only during 50s week. For the evening of Day Four I made a quite tasty baked chicken meal if I do say so myself. When my Dearest returned home we of course greeted him as the man of the house should be greeted: with smiles, "Good Evening, Father" and a proper smooch. After we finished the main course, everyone helped me wash the dishes by hand. While I was away at the Women's Auxiliary meeting my wonderful husband began installing the new oven and microwave. I came home to an appliance warehouse. The next morning I lovingly cleaned up the entire house yet again and ironed everything I could get my now dishwater dry hands on. Last night I made a casserole (1950s style) and of course only linen napkins would do! The husband declared he was on strike from the dishes and started to bring in the new refrigerator. How lovely indeed! (I was expected to take my apron off to help and let the dishes sit in the sink for a couple of hours) This morning, the family was once again well fed and the husband departed to the office. I cleaned up the very large mess of dishes and tools from the previous evening's masculine fix -it activities. My sweet husband, now however has a cold so for tonight's meal only homemade chicken noodle soup would do. I am going to encourage him to rest on the couch with some tea and a book after dinner, I need him healthy you know.

A story from the past: While speaking to my mom last night about all my antics she told me a story from her childhood. When she was about 8 her family and aunts and uncle's families went up to my Great-grandparent's cabin in Wisconsin. All the men and boys would clear brush for a couple of hours and then play (football, swim, canoe, fish) while all of the women and girls continuously cooked and cleaned and did not get to swim or play. The cabin had a wood burning stove so cooking was a really big undertaking and with so many people to clean up after the meals the women (it being the very beginning of the 60s) decided that if the men would like to be fed again they would help out with cleaning and cooking. The ladies rolled up their sleeves and went on strike! After much deliberation in the men's huddle they decided to help. This was way before the days of fast food, easy one-step meals, and the men of that time did not cook. They decided it was best to help than have to do all that work by themselves. You see, I can do this experiment all day because I am choosing too, but when it comes to specific gender roles of the past and absolutely HAVING to do something because you are a women and this is how your day should be, it makes for some disgruntled ladies. Especially, when all the work that you are doing is deemed unimportant by society and taken for granted by your spouse. I have to see I am very pleased that the husband is helping me and it in fact home for dinner even though I was told last week that this would not be the case. I do not believe that my husband is a chauvinist, but that I too would love to come home to this type of environment. So am I a Debra Barone or a Donna Reed? This week I have been trying to be Mrs. Reed, but the more I think about it on a daily basis the real Jennie is most like the mom on The Christmas Story.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day Four: Must hurry, I have more ironing to do!

My pleasant 1950s demeanor was pretty much thrown out the window yesterday evening. My home was NOT one of warmth or tranquility. After seeing all the water damage and having to handle an insurance claim neither one of us was feeling very sociable. The dog decided to tear her ACL last night as well. I was unaware that dogs do this but hey, the timing seemed perfect. I also found out from the vet this morning that to fix the ACL it will be from $1500-$3300 and then four months of doggie therapy, one of the months she will not be able to really get up at all. This has proved to be an ethical problem for us, not to mention that is a lot of money to spend on surgery for a nine year old dog. So all that being said, real life as invaded my experiment. We did end up being able to set up the kitchen sink to receive cold water so I can wash dishes indoors and not outside or in the bathtub. However, having to actually wash dishes by hand is not nearly as fun when you HAVE to do it, as opposed to when I am just being crazy and driving my husband nuts with my antics. It is really hard to stay in this "character" when real life creeps in and I think that DH is feeling insecure in his role as a test subject.

I did wake up early again this morning to make breakfast for the family, this morning I laid out all of the cereal boxes on the table and poured milk and coffee. We were in a rush, tomorrow I am hoping for waffes. I do plan on making a spectacular dinner this evening. However, I have a meeting with the other board members of the Women's Auxiliary this evening, so DH is going to have to watch the beloved children. (Very independent of me, I know) I do still plan on following the rules and make my house a haven of peace and restfulness for my Darling's return, and in fact, will freshen up my make-up and change into something femine. I have told my mom about this (which she found hilarious) and she said that her mother would always change into a dress before my grandfather would come home even though she cleaned house in pants. My mom asked her why once to which she replied, "Men like women in dresses." I am really getting curious about all these actual stories from women I want more details this is always something that is glazed over in history, I think I am going to have to interview women of this generation.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day three: a yummy breakfast and then some water damage

So dear reader, I started out once again rising at 6 with a breakfast of sausage,toast, orange juice, and coffee. The toast being buttered and cut in half before making it to the table. I took another picture this time with the family sitting around the table but was told "that had better not be posted online." We have both noted this is way more eating than we are used to. After the dishes were cleared and the children dressed, DH and I discussed some finer points of the experiment. He has concluded his new found love for helping out (he made the boy's bed this morning and once again helped clean up the dishes) was due to my pleasant demeanor. I have created a pleasant environment and he does not want to be the one to ruin it or make it messy. He pointed out that he likes to help those who take pride in their work. I must say that I worked very hard in college, and when I was employed outside of the home. This however is way harder (not just this experiement but in general.) I think maybe because a lot of what I do is unrecognized. I would receive an A in class or a raise or bonus at work. At home though, you do not receive much recognition. The hardest part of all of this is not so much the cooking or cleaner, it is keeping an absolutely positive attitude and not arguing my point all the time. DH has asked me for my opinion and I just say whatever your prefer dear or something similar. Then he will say, "No, I actually want your opinion." That is at least comforting to know.
It being Sunday, I wore a dress, button down sweater, heels, and pearls ALL DAY! My feet really hurt after this one. After cleaning up from lunch we noticed that the dishwasher was leaking. We have had this happen before in Las Vegas and knew that at 12 years old the dishwasher was probably done. So very un-1950s like we set out to shop on Sunday. After making some large appliance purchases (pretty much everything was falling apart and it was just time to bite the bullet) we came home to install the dishwasher only to find out one of the pipes under the sink has a slow leak and we now have some pretty good water damage going on. So now I cannot use the sink or dishwasher. I am going to have to figure out how to wash dishes (1850s?) Needless to say the large Sunday dinner was not made. My realm of domesticity is in shambles. But fear not, I shall continue and we will have three meals and clean dishes tomorrow and for the remainder of my time in 1955. Some niceties I have added are linen napkins with napkin rings, and I began laying out the paper on the coffee table with all of the sections seperated for DH's easy reading enjoyment each morning. This may be his favorite part.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day two: Happiness is a clean house and pressed undergarments

Just a reminder, this is from last fall, I don't drink wine while pregnant and neither should you.

Since I did not know what my husband's favorite meal was, I inquired and found out it was surprisingly enough: Meatloaf (and possibly chicken fried steak.) So last night after I purchased the much sought after apron, a real 50s kind with large bright fruit on it, I set about to make some tasty meatloaf. I did indeed put on my skirt, heels, pearls, and apron in order to cook. My feet were pretty sore. I have to say I was worried about getting the new apron dirty. The table was set, wine was poured, children were cleaned up. Baby girl needed new clothes on since her were a bit too dirty for meeting Daddy when he got home. I put on a fresh coat of make-up naturally. The boy was coached to say "Good evening Father," when Darling Husband walked through the door. His slippers were laid out by the arm chair. When he did walk through the door he started laughing again. I smiled demurely and let him chat for a while. (I have noticed he likes to chat while I am being demure.) He donned his slippers during dinner. After the leisurely meal, which included desert he HELPED me clean up the dishes and then gave the kids a bath!!!! Now, I do admit he usually does the kid bathing, but NEVER does he actually help clean up all the dishes. After the kitchen was thoroughly scrubbed down, and so were the children, we put them to bed and I folded some laundry. Then we went downstairs to watch the good 'ol t.v. I decided that it would be a good time to iron his underwear. That's right ladies, his underwear. In all honesty he did try to stop me, I think he was embarrassed. But I ironed two pairs of boxers and a white t-shirt using my new smelly ironing water. It has a lovely name, but I can't think of it right now something in French. He did comment (unprovoked) on the fact that because the house was so clean he didn't want to mess it up which was why he kept picking up after himself. He commented on the idea of appearance as well, his philosophy being that one appears to be more in control when one looks presentable. I noted he was wearing cuff links. That is not a lie, he was wearing cuff links. At 9:30 I was exhausted and went to bed. Things to note: I don't own appropriate bedclothes for this experiment. I sleep in t-shirts and p.j. bottoms. I own exactly one nightgown. I thought about purchasing some more, but, I really do hate sleeping in them.

This morning, I woke up at 6 am to make blueberry pancakes and sausage. The table was once again laid out beautifully and after a leisurely breakfast was consumed I scrubbed everything down again. I have to say, I am a bit tired. I may need some more coffee. We went to Darling Husband's work volunteer day. If I owned a bandanna it would have been in my hair. Sometimes, ladies it is important to leave your housework in order to help others. Tonight we get to see a really swell ski movie and have dinner with friends so I won't have much to write about. I do plan on serving a very large Sunday dinner tomorrow complete with the good dinnerware. While cleaning up, it occurred to me that if I were truly a 50s housewife I would not have the lovely dishwasher. Good grief, so I did do the extra dishes (the dishwasher was already full) by hand. Nor, would I only have to iron some underwear, but probable every item of clothing. Thing to aspire to! Here are some extra thoughts to ponder: This comes from a book that a friend told me about in stores now.

Compassionate and practical, The Surrendered Wife is a step-by-step guide that teaches women how to:

Give up unnecessary control and responsibility
Express their needs while also respecting their husband's choices
Resist the temptation to criticize, belittle or dismiss their husbands
Trust their husbands in every aspect of marriage - from sexual to financial...and more.

That should be an interesting read. Apparently I am not alone in this quest.Two days in and it seems as though DH's demeanor has improved as well as the working.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day One of 50s Housewife Adventure

Disclaimer: OK Folks, it is summer, I still have the icky belly, and lets face it, am lazy. Plus with all these new people from around the globe (I bagged China, Russia, and some random spot in the Pacific Ocean this morning among the other 395 souls) looking at the octopus maybe they will stick around to read Jennie Does Housekeeping so I am reposting my 50s housewife adventure week. If you have already read it on another site, just check back next week for more current non-events.

Day One:
I am undertaking a participant anthropological study for the next seven days. After a bit of a row with Darling Husband I was playing around online and once again found those "rules" to homemaking. Then I found some quite interesting blogs out there on homemaking/femininity and such. So after posting said rules, I came up with the hypothesis that the husband would most likely find that he, is in fact, able to say no to his job when it comes to ridiculous hours post out of town business travels if I were to follow the "rules." Thus, proving that men love to be pampered and their vanity and stomachs may just rule out over the quest for more work. I am also curious to see if such "mindless work of the female" will put me into a state not unlike someone who has taken barbiturates, or if in fact, I will need a martini at lunch.

After coming to this decision I set about my work, which was to make my house sparkly clean. The little angels and I were to meet the husband at Chick Fil-A for preschool night. I tidied myself up, adding some more make up and made sure the children were clean. I was sitting up straight, and of course had my napkin in my lap. When DH arrived I smiled and did not speak until he had finished with his tales of work. At this point he asks if I would be mad if he received another ticket. "No dear." "Really, why not?" "Because I could never be mad at you." Now ladies, this was difficult and I almost choked on my food, but there is some learning to be done here. He then became suspicious. I told him that I was following the rules, which he has seen before. He started laughing. I did not tell him my hypothesis. After our dining experience had ended he went back to work (the source of the row in the first place.) After bathing the children and putting them to bed I did some more laundry. When he arrived home, low and behold he had purchased some wine for us. Interesting.

Today's events had begun as follows: Woke up at 6 am to start cooking for recipe club. I have never once hosted a recipe club at my house, this was sheer coincidence that it occurred today. I cooked stew in a pumpkin and the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. You see the theme of the day is pumpkin. When the husband left for work this morning, he cleaned up after himself, actually he did last night as well. Hmmm. Things to note; my back hurts from better posture, and all this cooking and cleaning make one perspire. (Ladies do not sweat.) After the children have awoken from their naps we shall go to the store and purchase much sought after apron, some smelly ironing spray, and some new throw pillows for the couch. For inspiration for all of this I am listening to Glenn Miller, The Andrews Sisters, Rita Hayworth, and The Meet Me in St. Louis soundtrack.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

What a steal and for only $7!

I am not a garage sale person. I was commenting this to a friend about a week ago. Mainly because all the ones around here sell the same crap that I already have and that is the last thing I want, more of my own stuff. My friend commented that she goes to the little old ladies' garage sales because they have some pretty good stuff, like what is now considered a vintage table cloth that she found at one. She lives in an older neighborhood with little old ladies and I do not. But made a mental note to myself: "keep eyes peeled for little old ladies and following them to their nesting grounds in order to obtain great stuff." I didn't pass on this idea of mine to my husband and having him follow around little biddies would be, well, odd. However, the husband and I do share the same brain most of the time and while he was riding into work yesterday he passed by a garage sale in an older neighborhood. (Full of cute houses that I want, with great front porches and charm and carriage houses and real wood floors and my list goes on but it never includes lead paint). He found a tagalong for $20!!!!!!!!! He says it is missing the attachment piece which is why he couldn't strap it onto his bike and finish the ride with the tagalong in tow. (Personally, I think it has to do with appearances). This caused yours truly to drop what she was doing and go retrieve the tagalong. Now, this garage sale was not being run by an old lady, but rather a group of families donating money to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. So I felt compelled to look around a bit. There was an awesome and I do mean awesome wooden dollhouse, but someone had already swiped it. But, I was pretty proud of myself when I found this for baby girl. She loves "feeding" her baby dolls in it. I love the cute Dutch couple that was painted on.

Friday, June 20, 2008

mosquito bite allergy

The boy has a list of maladies that are all strange, none fatal, or even that horrible. But, aside from the tubes in ear not the most common. He has had numerous ear infections and we are most likely replacing the tubes with some fresh one come September as he begins his final year of preschool and thrown back into the world of germs.

He has had to have a frenulumectomy too (you know that piece of skin that attaches your tongue to the bottom of your mouth) we had his clipped because his began at the tip of his tongue he could barely move the thing. That was our drama last summer whether or not to clip a tiny bit of skin, because we had to knock him out to do so it was a bigger decision that it needed to be. Three year olds don't take kindly to having someone come at them with a scalpel while awake and so we did what we had to do. He's been in speech for a while as well, improving vastly, leaps and bounds, so much that I am ready to call it quits. There was some talk about occupation therapy, but I am still on the fence with this one. He is a boy, coloring, or more likely sitting in order to color, is not something he is into right now. We are debating between sending him to OT or just sign him up for some little kid piano lessons. At least he'd learn something cool instead of coloring in front of someone that is going to charge our insurance $250 an hour.

We learned a couple years ago that he has an allergy to sunscreen too. This was odd, since neither the husband or I had ever heard of such wackiness. But, apparently it happens due to the incredible amount of chemicals thrown into sunscreen. So now we use California Baby exclusively because that and Vanicream (which needs to be special ordered at Walgreen's) are the only two things he seems to tolerate. His symptoms include a bright red rash that is hot and itchy ears. This is always fun to tell people at preschool or ski school. Do NOT use your sunscreen he is allergic we have our own. And then we pull out the fruity California Baby and we get the "look." Which is "sure lady your just one of those weirdos that only uses organic everything."

But two days ago when he was officially diagnosed with a mosquito bite allergy. Seriously. Last year when we were in Dallas the boy got a bite on his ankle and the next afternoon it was the size of a tennis ball. We of course went to the ER and four painstaking hours later were told it is infected here are some antibiotics and some allergy medicine. It never happened again last summer so I just decided it had to do with Texas mosquitoes. But two days ago, here, in Colorado, it happened again...twice, one tennis ball on the arm and one on the leg. Thankfully there was no urgent care or ER involved. Just a quick trip to the doctor's so I could be told, that it is MOST definitely a mosquito bite allergy. No antibiotics needed just some good old over the counter Benadryl. Two doses and the bites were back down to normal size. We were also told to use a really good bug spray while outside, I am curious though if we are going to have some sort of reaction to that as well.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

could this be nesting...already?

Let me start by sharing with you what comes out of the mouth of babes, at least the ones who live in my house. while dining on PB&J this noon time and listening to none other than some eighties tunes the boy stated,

"Dude! Video Killed the Radio Star is my favorite song on YouTube."


After  munching on my breakfast of saltines in bed and cleaning up baby girl's own saltine mess in my bed I was over taken by an incredible urge to clean. And not just any type of cleaning. Organizing the children's very messy and incredibly disorganized closets. I know, most days that sounds like crazy talk and I would come up with ANYTHING else in order to avoid doing it. Has my estrogen level reached that peak already, when one is consumed with organizing and straighting, folding and refolding tiny socks? Or have I finally gotten used to the lack of caffeine in my diet and after last week's sleepfest I have gained a smidge of energy, and for once, used it quite wisely? Either way the closets are both at an acceptable level of clutter and disorganization. 

Monday, June 16, 2008

ah amor

We spent both yesterday and today enjoying the mountains. The husband wanted to "hike" a 14ner with the family on his special day. So we loaded up the car and went to Mt. Evans, drove up to 14 thousand feet, got out and walked the last itty bitty bit. The boy was so excited he could hardly stand it. He says that one day he will hike Mt. Everest. I wouldn't put it past him. We followed it up by pizza at Beau Jos in Idaho Springs.

Today, the husband shocked the world and took the day off in celebration of the fact that after seven years of marriage we haven't killed each other. In fact we are still in love. awwww. We loaded up the kids, stopped off at Whole Food to buy lots of over priced very yummy cakes, cheeses, juices, sushi, and coffee (decaf for me), then sped up the mountain to a special picnic site. The kids enjoyed the picnic, baby girl said "hike?" They also enjoyed pooping...lots....outside....behind trees. That is all I am going to say about that. Seven years ago today, we were married amongst cartoon characters, a Major Duomo, friends and family. We spent a week all together and then tied the knot. (I would share a picture but the scanner is STILL in its box waiting to be set up.) I would not have had it any other way. Friends and family all vacationing together and then the food...marvelous!
It's been a good seven years and nine years ago when I met this man I knew I would marry him and I am so glad that I did.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

oh goody goody more t.v. channels!

We, as in the JennieFamily, have joined the 21st Century or is it the 20th Century. I know it is 2008 which would make it the 21st century but the problem is when did digital cable begin? Late 1990s or sometime this decade? Either way come Friday between 3-5pm we will have some digital cable. Currently we have simple basic cable, which, let's face it, is really only paying $13 (or now it is $15) a month for some reception. The cable company kept taking away English speaking stations and replacing them with lots and lots of futbol, scantily clad women, mariachis, and of course it was all en espanol. Or, even better, more home shopping networks than you could shake a stick at. But come Friday we will have plenty of English speaking soccer, scantily clad women, and other such nonsense at our fingertips (placed neatly on the remote).

This perfect idea of mine came when I noticed the boy seems to have graduated from the usual morning PBS routine. I mean he has been watching these same shows for 2.5 years now and I am sure for the preschool crowd that seems like, at least, the 11th season of Friends (just when will Ross and Rachel get together, I am so over it already mindset). So one morning he used his human brain and began switching channels. He found Toon Disney and Speed. Now, let me preface what I am going to say by um, saying, I LOVE Disney. A LOT. I got married there for Pete's sake. But, man oh man, Toon Disney is complete junk, and I am just not quite ready for Power Rangers, Batman, Superman, and odd as it is Pinky and The Brain to enter our lives. We tried out this new channel for a week and pretty soon the boy was invoking the Spirit of the Jaguar while climbing on top of the kitchen counter and jumping off, followed by what appeared to be some sort of bad Jackie Chan routine. (I have seen ex-boyfriends do this before and quickly realized this was leading up to no good!) So he then began to watch Monster Truck something or other on the Speed Network. He explained all about what a monster truck was and how they drive over cars but not to worry, Mommy, no one is IN the cars. Then I had visions of having to actually GO to one of these shindigs and that my son would turn out to be a, ahem, redneck. And it was all just too much! (Not to mention I was told we needed an AquaBulb, Spacebags, could we please buy him The Safe Side DVD, and that Apple Jacks were part of this nutritious breakfast, within an hour.)

So I rang up Comcast and discovered that for about 3 gallons of gas more for the first six months followed by 5 gallons of gas there after, we could have digital cable, with ON DEMAND! The husband could stop complaining that he can never watch the Rockies (stink it up) on t.v. and I can now watch Anderson Cooper to my heart's content. Now, I realize this would have been better to do this in, say February, because it is summer and aren't we supposed to play outside? But, currently I am just making sure no one steals the couch from under me.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What is with the octopus?!

A few months back I blogged about my daughter's crazy egg throwing episode in Costco. I used this picture for demonstrative purposes. Yesterday I had 303 hits on my blog with 99.9% of them concerning this octopus. I find this more than a little strange. When you google image search the word octopus this is the first picture you get. I needed some background on this octopus. So, if you are here because of this picture this is all you need to know about it. It was designed by artist Bernardo Barbi of Brazil for an advertisement and you can even download some wallpaper of it. Check it out here

Friday, June 6, 2008

Remember the karaoke scene in My Best Friend's Wedding?

I can't sing. No really I am pretty sure I am tone deaf. I can keep a beat alright for a white girl and I can dance just fine, thank you. But sing, not in my repertoire of skills. Not that my lack of talent stops me from singing mind you, I still do it. Not loudly unless it is just the kids and me. But while in public places it just will NOT happen. 
Church? Nope. 
Karaoke Bar? Not a chance.
Hotel Shower? Maybe. But it had better be at the Four Season in Maui. 
What about if I may have had one to many at a Karaoke Bar? Um, that is still a no, I am pretty inhibited. And yet I remember a certain Irish Pub in Germany that I sang at....loudly too. 

So I deemed today classical music day in the house and made the kids listen to classical music during lunch. They seemed to like it, since it reminded them of Little Einstein. With the Fourth of July approaching we listened to the 1812 Overture. The boy liked the cannons. Then during Pachabel I was consumed with the thought of "what is that song that was on the Navy commercials in the 1990s??? What is IT!?" So I called the Manny to find out, he hold lots of useless knowledge in his brain (the military is planning on kicking that right out of him). He knew what it was after a quick Google search which I could have done had I not been scrubbing the toilet. Honestly I was. It is called Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland. Which was the theme song to the 1976 Olympics. Who knew?

Then the husband called....
I told him about my obsessive compulsive thoughts about finding out this song and he said "you should just go to the tap site or something. You just tap out the tune on the space bar and the site KNOWS what song you are thinking of." So after putting the darlings to bed I went there. Apparently I can't tap to save my life either. I have tapped about ten songs and it hasn't gotten single stinkin' one!  Not even Happy Birthday. Sheesh.

Below is 9/11 tribute with Copland's Fanfare.

And I couldn't resist another one of Copland's famous pieces Rodeo:Hoedown (and now you may want beef for dinner.)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

a smattering of stuff

So you may have noticed this blog has taken a turn for the worse. I am lazy, uninspired, not feeling snarky. Just feeling icky and have a sore shoulder to boot. Poor me. I went to the FIRST APPOINTMENT. There is still a fetus in there. The fetus is making me sick to my tummy and very tired. But I still love it. The boy is very excited about this new baby. Baby girl simply takes off her diaper and pees on the floor. Or the couch, never in the toilet. When Jennie is pregnant she tends to lose her snarkiness. I save it all up until about 3 weeks post partum and then holy crap it is like a time bomb went off in my house. BEWARE. It lasts for a good year. The husband is soooo excited too he.can't.wait.

Poor segue into non-related topic. While listening to NPR this evening during the dreaded meal preparation I heard a story about rising food prices and what three women were now doing in order to obtain cheaper food. One women only made $374 every two weeks! How in the world does she get by? The middle income woman now plans her driving in order to save gas money for food and the third was affluent but stopped shopping at Whole Foods after she realized that she had just spent $140 on food that wouldn't even make three meals. What truly got to me in the story was the first woman who was a hard working single mom with three teenagers. "Rhodes has no doubt that no matter how high food prices get, she will be able to provide for her family. She points out that she was raised in rural Maryland. She is, she says, a country girl. "I can shoot a deer," she says. "I can shoot a turkey. So I will feed my kids one way or another."  That was just too much for me! America we can do better than this!!!! 

Monday, June 2, 2008

Very boring, nothing to see here

Because even the ginger has worn out it's welcome and the only thing that I can manage to choke down is Ramen Noodles (ugh, college) and Buttermilk (is your stomach turning now too) I have very little energy and all creative writing or just plain writing skills or even the tiniest bit of skillz have all gone out the window. Or down the toilet I am not really sure. So the kids and I traveled instead.