Tuesday, June 17, 2008

could this be nesting...already?

Let me start by sharing with you what comes out of the mouth of babes, at least the ones who live in my house. while dining on PB&J this noon time and listening to none other than some eighties tunes the boy stated,

"Dude! Video Killed the Radio Star is my favorite song on YouTube."


After  munching on my breakfast of saltines in bed and cleaning up baby girl's own saltine mess in my bed I was over taken by an incredible urge to clean. And not just any type of cleaning. Organizing the children's very messy and incredibly disorganized closets. I know, most days that sounds like crazy talk and I would come up with ANYTHING else in order to avoid doing it. Has my estrogen level reached that peak already, when one is consumed with organizing and straighting, folding and refolding tiny socks? Or have I finally gotten used to the lack of caffeine in my diet and after last week's sleepfest I have gained a smidge of energy, and for once, used it quite wisely? Either way the closets are both at an acceptable level of clutter and disorganization. 

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Kathleen said...

how much are you charging an hour as i have several similar styled closets!