Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day Four: Must hurry, I have more ironing to do!

My pleasant 1950s demeanor was pretty much thrown out the window yesterday evening. My home was NOT one of warmth or tranquility. After seeing all the water damage and having to handle an insurance claim neither one of us was feeling very sociable. The dog decided to tear her ACL last night as well. I was unaware that dogs do this but hey, the timing seemed perfect. I also found out from the vet this morning that to fix the ACL it will be from $1500-$3300 and then four months of doggie therapy, one of the months she will not be able to really get up at all. This has proved to be an ethical problem for us, not to mention that is a lot of money to spend on surgery for a nine year old dog. So all that being said, real life as invaded my experiment. We did end up being able to set up the kitchen sink to receive cold water so I can wash dishes indoors and not outside or in the bathtub. However, having to actually wash dishes by hand is not nearly as fun when you HAVE to do it, as opposed to when I am just being crazy and driving my husband nuts with my antics. It is really hard to stay in this "character" when real life creeps in and I think that DH is feeling insecure in his role as a test subject.

I did wake up early again this morning to make breakfast for the family, this morning I laid out all of the cereal boxes on the table and poured milk and coffee. We were in a rush, tomorrow I am hoping for waffes. I do plan on making a spectacular dinner this evening. However, I have a meeting with the other board members of the Women's Auxiliary this evening, so DH is going to have to watch the beloved children. (Very independent of me, I know) I do still plan on following the rules and make my house a haven of peace and restfulness for my Darling's return, and in fact, will freshen up my make-up and change into something femine. I have told my mom about this (which she found hilarious) and she said that her mother would always change into a dress before my grandfather would come home even though she cleaned house in pants. My mom asked her why once to which she replied, "Men like women in dresses." I am really getting curious about all these actual stories from women I want more details this is always something that is glazed over in history, I think I am going to have to interview women of this generation.

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