Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day One of 50s Housewife Adventure

Disclaimer: OK Folks, it is summer, I still have the icky belly, and lets face it, am lazy. Plus with all these new people from around the globe (I bagged China, Russia, and some random spot in the Pacific Ocean this morning among the other 395 souls) looking at the octopus maybe they will stick around to read Jennie Does Housekeeping so I am reposting my 50s housewife adventure week. If you have already read it on another site, just check back next week for more current non-events.

Day One:
I am undertaking a participant anthropological study for the next seven days. After a bit of a row with Darling Husband I was playing around online and once again found those "rules" to homemaking. Then I found some quite interesting blogs out there on homemaking/femininity and such. So after posting said rules, I came up with the hypothesis that the husband would most likely find that he, is in fact, able to say no to his job when it comes to ridiculous hours post out of town business travels if I were to follow the "rules." Thus, proving that men love to be pampered and their vanity and stomachs may just rule out over the quest for more work. I am also curious to see if such "mindless work of the female" will put me into a state not unlike someone who has taken barbiturates, or if in fact, I will need a martini at lunch.

After coming to this decision I set about my work, which was to make my house sparkly clean. The little angels and I were to meet the husband at Chick Fil-A for preschool night. I tidied myself up, adding some more make up and made sure the children were clean. I was sitting up straight, and of course had my napkin in my lap. When DH arrived I smiled and did not speak until he had finished with his tales of work. At this point he asks if I would be mad if he received another ticket. "No dear." "Really, why not?" "Because I could never be mad at you." Now ladies, this was difficult and I almost choked on my food, but there is some learning to be done here. He then became suspicious. I told him that I was following the rules, which he has seen before. He started laughing. I did not tell him my hypothesis. After our dining experience had ended he went back to work (the source of the row in the first place.) After bathing the children and putting them to bed I did some more laundry. When he arrived home, low and behold he had purchased some wine for us. Interesting.

Today's events had begun as follows: Woke up at 6 am to start cooking for recipe club. I have never once hosted a recipe club at my house, this was sheer coincidence that it occurred today. I cooked stew in a pumpkin and the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. You see the theme of the day is pumpkin. When the husband left for work this morning, he cleaned up after himself, actually he did last night as well. Hmmm. Things to note; my back hurts from better posture, and all this cooking and cleaning make one perspire. (Ladies do not sweat.) After the children have awoken from their naps we shall go to the store and purchase much sought after apron, some smelly ironing spray, and some new throw pillows for the couch. For inspiration for all of this I am listening to Glenn Miller, The Andrews Sisters, Rita Hayworth, and The Meet Me in St. Louis soundtrack.


Dad said...

I thought about replying, but then decided it may be better to not. I am really beginning to wonder now about the end times.

The Dancing the Charleston Manny said...

Meet me in St. Louie, Louie.
Meet me at the fair.
Don't tell me the lights are shining any place but there.

We watched tht movie so much as kids, I still don't understand the whole burning people's things on halloween though.

EatPlayLove said...

I still chuckle when I think about this week you amazingly accomplished..and how envious my husband was.. LOL!