Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Seven: chicken cordon bleu and chocolate cake

So 1950s week has now come to a close. Yesterday was spent with even more coking and cleaning. The last dinner was finally served on the good china, chicken condon bleu and had chocolate cake for desert. Since we are still wating on the adjuster I once again washed all the dishes by hand. After that I declared 50s week over and ran triumphantly to the bathtub where I soaked and read a book. My hypothsis was proved true, the husband came home every night for dinner (I am not sure when he came home for dinner that many nights in a row), he helped clean everynight except the night I sent him to bed because he was ill. Who knows if it was all the cooking and cleaning he was after, the more demure me, or if being subtle really does pay off. I did get used to apron and will proably continue to use it. It was nice to see a happy husband come home instead of a grouchy one. He said he could have come home grouchy since his work load had not changed, but since he knew what to expect when he got home he was going to being a good mood when he walked through the door. I think women through time have always carried an unnecessary unfair share of the domestic responsibilites. We have proved that we too can be working stiffs like the men in our lives and yet the household chores still fall primarily on women, which leads to some resentment. I stay home so I naturally would do the domestic work. What I have learned from this little experiment is that the women of that era were some pretty tough ladies. It is hard to cook and clean this much and not complain. If this hard work was at least appreciated I think there would be some happier people and marriages around. The first couple of days I was pretty tired and could have used that martini at lunch, but I got used to the increased workload. I just wish it didn't take such silliness to make the man come home for dinner. So Dear Reader, give your mom a call and tell her you love her and thank you. (Remember to tell that to your wife too!)


EatPlayLove said...

oh I am so proud of your anthropological endeavors..and glad all that hard work didn't rub off on me!

love2cook said...

How are you feeling? Where have you been girl? I miss your posts!