Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day three: a yummy breakfast and then some water damage

So dear reader, I started out once again rising at 6 with a breakfast of sausage,toast, orange juice, and coffee. The toast being buttered and cut in half before making it to the table. I took another picture this time with the family sitting around the table but was told "that had better not be posted online." We have both noted this is way more eating than we are used to. After the dishes were cleared and the children dressed, DH and I discussed some finer points of the experiment. He has concluded his new found love for helping out (he made the boy's bed this morning and once again helped clean up the dishes) was due to my pleasant demeanor. I have created a pleasant environment and he does not want to be the one to ruin it or make it messy. He pointed out that he likes to help those who take pride in their work. I must say that I worked very hard in college, and when I was employed outside of the home. This however is way harder (not just this experiement but in general.) I think maybe because a lot of what I do is unrecognized. I would receive an A in class or a raise or bonus at work. At home though, you do not receive much recognition. The hardest part of all of this is not so much the cooking or cleaner, it is keeping an absolutely positive attitude and not arguing my point all the time. DH has asked me for my opinion and I just say whatever your prefer dear or something similar. Then he will say, "No, I actually want your opinion." That is at least comforting to know.
It being Sunday, I wore a dress, button down sweater, heels, and pearls ALL DAY! My feet really hurt after this one. After cleaning up from lunch we noticed that the dishwasher was leaking. We have had this happen before in Las Vegas and knew that at 12 years old the dishwasher was probably done. So very un-1950s like we set out to shop on Sunday. After making some large appliance purchases (pretty much everything was falling apart and it was just time to bite the bullet) we came home to install the dishwasher only to find out one of the pipes under the sink has a slow leak and we now have some pretty good water damage going on. So now I cannot use the sink or dishwasher. I am going to have to figure out how to wash dishes (1850s?) Needless to say the large Sunday dinner was not made. My realm of domesticity is in shambles. But fear not, I shall continue and we will have three meals and clean dishes tomorrow and for the remainder of my time in 1955. Some niceties I have added are linen napkins with napkin rings, and I began laying out the paper on the coffee table with all of the sections seperated for DH's easy reading enjoyment each morning. This may be his favorite part.

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