Friday, June 20, 2008

mosquito bite allergy

The boy has a list of maladies that are all strange, none fatal, or even that horrible. But, aside from the tubes in ear not the most common. He has had numerous ear infections and we are most likely replacing the tubes with some fresh one come September as he begins his final year of preschool and thrown back into the world of germs.

He has had to have a frenulumectomy too (you know that piece of skin that attaches your tongue to the bottom of your mouth) we had his clipped because his began at the tip of his tongue he could barely move the thing. That was our drama last summer whether or not to clip a tiny bit of skin, because we had to knock him out to do so it was a bigger decision that it needed to be. Three year olds don't take kindly to having someone come at them with a scalpel while awake and so we did what we had to do. He's been in speech for a while as well, improving vastly, leaps and bounds, so much that I am ready to call it quits. There was some talk about occupation therapy, but I am still on the fence with this one. He is a boy, coloring, or more likely sitting in order to color, is not something he is into right now. We are debating between sending him to OT or just sign him up for some little kid piano lessons. At least he'd learn something cool instead of coloring in front of someone that is going to charge our insurance $250 an hour.

We learned a couple years ago that he has an allergy to sunscreen too. This was odd, since neither the husband or I had ever heard of such wackiness. But, apparently it happens due to the incredible amount of chemicals thrown into sunscreen. So now we use California Baby exclusively because that and Vanicream (which needs to be special ordered at Walgreen's) are the only two things he seems to tolerate. His symptoms include a bright red rash that is hot and itchy ears. This is always fun to tell people at preschool or ski school. Do NOT use your sunscreen he is allergic we have our own. And then we pull out the fruity California Baby and we get the "look." Which is "sure lady your just one of those weirdos that only uses organic everything."

But two days ago when he was officially diagnosed with a mosquito bite allergy. Seriously. Last year when we were in Dallas the boy got a bite on his ankle and the next afternoon it was the size of a tennis ball. We of course went to the ER and four painstaking hours later were told it is infected here are some antibiotics and some allergy medicine. It never happened again last summer so I just decided it had to do with Texas mosquitoes. But two days ago, here, in Colorado, it happened again...twice, one tennis ball on the arm and one on the leg. Thankfully there was no urgent care or ER involved. Just a quick trip to the doctor's so I could be told, that it is MOST definitely a mosquito bite allergy. No antibiotics needed just some good old over the counter Benadryl. Two doses and the bites were back down to normal size. We were also told to use a really good bug spray while outside, I am curious though if we are going to have some sort of reaction to that as well.


Dad said...

just put a little tiny bit on and see...spray it on a q-tip.

Anna said...

Well, maybe it runs in the family. I am also allergic to mosquito bites. The same thing happened to me when I was a little kid. My bites would swell up, not to tennis ball but maybe golf ball size. I just had to take Benadryl. It must be in our blood line somewhere on the Erb side. Go figure, freaks!

EatPlayLove said...

maybe you should try the california baby with citronella in it, might just do the trick?

poor guy!

Kathleen said...

what a shame for him, and you, how were the offices, any new furniture yet? Hope he isn't allergic to the mosquite stuff.