Wednesday, June 11, 2008

oh goody goody more t.v. channels!

We, as in the JennieFamily, have joined the 21st Century or is it the 20th Century. I know it is 2008 which would make it the 21st century but the problem is when did digital cable begin? Late 1990s or sometime this decade? Either way come Friday between 3-5pm we will have some digital cable. Currently we have simple basic cable, which, let's face it, is really only paying $13 (or now it is $15) a month for some reception. The cable company kept taking away English speaking stations and replacing them with lots and lots of futbol, scantily clad women, mariachis, and of course it was all en espanol. Or, even better, more home shopping networks than you could shake a stick at. But come Friday we will have plenty of English speaking soccer, scantily clad women, and other such nonsense at our fingertips (placed neatly on the remote).

This perfect idea of mine came when I noticed the boy seems to have graduated from the usual morning PBS routine. I mean he has been watching these same shows for 2.5 years now and I am sure for the preschool crowd that seems like, at least, the 11th season of Friends (just when will Ross and Rachel get together, I am so over it already mindset). So one morning he used his human brain and began switching channels. He found Toon Disney and Speed. Now, let me preface what I am going to say by um, saying, I LOVE Disney. A LOT. I got married there for Pete's sake. But, man oh man, Toon Disney is complete junk, and I am just not quite ready for Power Rangers, Batman, Superman, and odd as it is Pinky and The Brain to enter our lives. We tried out this new channel for a week and pretty soon the boy was invoking the Spirit of the Jaguar while climbing on top of the kitchen counter and jumping off, followed by what appeared to be some sort of bad Jackie Chan routine. (I have seen ex-boyfriends do this before and quickly realized this was leading up to no good!) So he then began to watch Monster Truck something or other on the Speed Network. He explained all about what a monster truck was and how they drive over cars but not to worry, Mommy, no one is IN the cars. Then I had visions of having to actually GO to one of these shindigs and that my son would turn out to be a, ahem, redneck. And it was all just too much! (Not to mention I was told we needed an AquaBulb, Spacebags, could we please buy him The Safe Side DVD, and that Apple Jacks were part of this nutritious breakfast, within an hour.)

So I rang up Comcast and discovered that for about 3 gallons of gas more for the first six months followed by 5 gallons of gas there after, we could have digital cable, with ON DEMAND! The husband could stop complaining that he can never watch the Rockies (stink it up) on t.v. and I can now watch Anderson Cooper to my heart's content. Now, I realize this would have been better to do this in, say February, because it is summer and aren't we supposed to play outside? But, currently I am just making sure no one steals the couch from under me.


The Poison, I mean Tea Mum Manny said...

Bravo! Now all you need is the big ole' flat screen and a Wii (plus Wii Fit so you don't become fatasses). Enjoy keeping your kids away from Cartoon Network, if you thought Toon Disney was bad you have not seen anything. Parental Control Blocker, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Toon Disney and CN are evil, EVIL, I tell you. The boys watch PBS or Sprout or Disney (morning only). And only a little bit a day.
We have DirecTv and love it. Next up will be getting the HD cords and HD service for our HDTV. Yay.

Kathleen said...

congratulation you are going to love on demand, no commercials to entice the little kiddos with.

EatPlayLove said...

I highly recommend the Bindi Show on TLC in the morning. It's so cute, can't remember the correct title, but it's steve irwin's daughter's animal show.

Oh and Mr.Men on Cartoon network.

We don't have fancy on demand. But I don't mind our channel selection..