Monday, July 28, 2008

I need me a schnitzel, and if I weren't knocked up a good Strongbow!

I could tell you about how we bought a bunk bed this weekend. Because we did. Soon to be three kids in a "cottage" style house required some new sleeping arrangements. But really who cares that we bought a bunk bed except for the boy because he he gets to sleep in on top. Instead you all get to hear about my wanderlust personality and how great youtube is when you are feeling nostalgic.

It is family lore on my mother's side that we have gypsy in us. We can be a bit kooky and non-conventional at times so I will go with it. I am blaming this ancestry on my incessant need to travel. I am constantly feeling nostalgic for places I have been (except for Vegas.) I pretty much have been lusting after moving to Europe for four years now and it is getting stronger and more agitating to Mr. You Know Who. I have been told it will happen, but you see patience is not one of my virtues and I have been living in this house for 4.6 years and that is the longest I have EVER lived in one house. EVER. In my entire life. I am beyond stir crazy. I need to walk (not drive!) around and see new things and one can't really do that in suburbia. Thankfully the husband and I are ditching our two children that are not actually physically attached to me with the grandparents and going camping. (Because don't we all know that camping with small least MY small children...does not lend itself to relaxation.) It will be marvelous, we haven't been to this place before. I will post pictures.

Yesterday, however, my yearning and lusting after Europe was pretty intoxicating. Earlier in the week I had looked up old favorite restaurants to see if they had websites. Seeing as how it is now 2008, they do. And let me tell you that 7 years, a conversion from Deutsche Marks to Euros, and a very weak dollar makes for some pretty expensive Jagerschnitzel. (Sorry I have no umlaut key). So yesterday while the little angels were napping the husband and I played with youtube. We went on tours of Luxembourg, saw the pub in Trier, a couple dance clubs that we visited, lusted after some Tuscan villas, to name a few. (I may or may not tell you how the husband became intrigued by teens lighting farts on fire we found by accident...oops just did) But the creme de la creme was when we found video of New Years Eve 1999 turning 2000 in Amsterdam. You know, good ole the world is going to end Y2K. This is where we had spent that New Year's. The Manny and large Mr. Gardella joined us. It was fun and rather memorable to say the least. We had a sobering New Year's Day at the Anne Frank Haus, the yin to the previous night's yang. And to think youtube wasn't even around four years ago. So while I am waiting *patiently* for the blessed day when the husband says, "Love, pack the bags we are moving. And yes I am serious." I will watch silly videos to fill the void. I love my Colorado life, but the Gypsy caravan is always moving, and so is my soul.

A picture from a very impromptu trip in summer 2000 to Amsterdam with my very good friend Tabitha (on the left) and yours truly  (on the right).  (The husband was the photographer, except he was the fiance at the time)

March 2001, at the Frankfurt Flugplatz  with my Mom. This is when I moved back to the US and have not been back to Europe. WAAAHHH!

Here is the Amsterdam video, I have no idea who these people that took the video are, but they pan over to where we where at one point, I wish I could pause it and zoom. Anyway, it was a fun night.


pappy said...

why don't you grill some brats, buy ginger beer and pretend, make your husband put on some funky shorts and suspenders....all you can do right now is pretend.

Kathleen said...

Just never tell David you have bunk beds as we have told him he can't have one till he's 7 or 8! Needless to say we are never visiting again! I could really go a strongbow right now too

Der Männi said...

Yes, yes the schnitzel and the salat were delicious at Edelweiss. I love poking the bear. That was a fun New Years and a memorable quote from that night courtesy of your husband "I'm not laughing." followed by the Manny's and the Gorilla's response. AH HA HA HA HA HA. Note the umlaut in the German rendition of my blog name.

Cathy said...

Wonderful about the camping trip sans kids! You're brave to switch to a new country with three kids. But I'd love to visit Europe ASAP.