Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Airman Manny

While my family was busy hiking up Longs Peak last Sunday and I was spending the day enjoying the children's company all to myself because we all know THAT rarely happens and in between eating the salt and vinegar chips, and then tortilla chips because I NEEDED salsa, then some Cherry Garcia, and the last half of the $4 box of sweet tarts from Momma Mia the day before it occurred to me...THE MANNY IS LEAVING FOR BASIC TRAINING IN TWO DAYS!!!! Holy scheisse. He left yesterday and currently I am expecting he is being yelled at, running, NOT getting his head shaved because he is already bald, and ironing some underwear. It is my understanding that you learn more important matters like cleaning toilets with tooth brushes and how to one puts on a haz mat suit or at the very least a gas mask later in the week.

It is amazing to me that when my manny was hauled out of the state of Missouri by the husband and my stepdad last December he was in quite a state of distress. All due to life mismanagement and one crazy bitch. And yes my former sister in law IS a crazy bitch. Then after life in Jennieland with the darling angel children of mine he started to straighten up, and then got into awesome shape as my mother's yard boy. His personality changed. He seemed happy, less anxious, and was looking forward to something in life. It was being a linguist. So after the six weeks of basic are up that is what he is going to be, a linguist, most likely learning Arabic. (Or after that past couple days events Russian?!)

Dear Manny,

As I said before I am very proud of you. This time you really did pick yourself up dust your self off and set out to do something and are doing it. Will these next six weeks suck, yep, but you'll get through it and will have some nicely pressed tighty whities to show for it. Mom and Dad are proud too, even if, ahem, one of them is nervous. But EVERYONE will be there to see you march and salut and whatever ever else basic training graduation consists of. And then, hold on to your Air Force hat because we are going to Sea World. Which is truly the only reason I am showing up to San Antonio in the first place. I miss you already and so do the kids. We love you.


P.S. If you get to see the Alamo let me know if you find Pee Wee's bike.

The Manny's last meal, I was busy cleaning myself after stuffing my face full of Japanese food and Sushi. 


Kathleen said...

We all wish him all the best i am sure he will do fantastically.

EatPlayLove said...

Bye Manny! Gosh, can't believe he's off already...

Love the new header.. boy are you back girlfriend!

love2cook said...

Good luck to your brother! GO AIR FORCE!!! You know, he did join the best ;) What a great career he will have.

Pappy said...

God speed son. Thanks for the post Jen. See everyone soon in San Antonio....and Sea World.