Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From pickles to Mr. Cruise

Well it's a boy. Now we have that out of the way. His blogger name is the boy fetus, until he is born then probably something quite creative like baby boy. Boy fetus likes to kick a lot. 

Other things going on:

1. We made 22 jars of pickles on Saturday. Now the hard part is letting them sit for a couple weeks. They are so yummy. 

2. The DNC has made driving to Cherry Creek Mall take an hour, but provided some very interesting sites. I have never seen so many people downtown before, unless a Rockies game just let out. I also have never in my life seen a swat team and on Sunday I saw three. Plus a lot of protesters. In some areas of the "protest section" right in front of the capitol it looked like 1968. As far as the dress was concerned. There were conservative protesters as well, but they looked like they had just hopped out of the mini van wearing red white and blue. I want to go back down there and wander around. 

3.  After seeing Tropic Thunder on Sunday night (which is rather amusing) I have some advice for Tom Cruise:  Please keep your shirt on in public. I realize there was make up and fat suits involved and you were funny in the movie but I want to remember you as Maverick. 


Cathy said...

Congratulations! Finding out the sex of the baby is so exciting.

We made zuchini relish and canned it--can't wait to try it.

love2cook said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!Very exciting! Those pickles sound delicious! You should blog the recipe and share :)

EatPlayLove said...

yummy pickles, how appropriate a pregnant woman making 20 jars of pickles.

I thought you were referring to the new boy bean, you know the from pickles part.

Kathleen said...

YEah a boy, we need more boys, the girls were on a streak for a while.

Kathleen said...

Hubby would also like to add congrats and say that the only time he has seen the swat team was at the beer festival!