Monday, August 18, 2008

the husband grows up

It all started when two kids out in California, serving in the Navy met. The Vietnam War had ended the world seemed to be going better. The two kids got married and five minutes later someone was pregnant. (I am sure there had to have been Coors Light involved.) He was their first, their boy. The one who was completely WILD and unruly. Eventually he grew out of his wild ways (well, for the most part.) He served his country, got his degree, took a very painful CPA exam, and now play the role of middle peon at KLAND.  A few years back he met the girl of his dreams! They had babies. They are still having babies. (Sheesh.) Today is the husband's birthday.

Now is the time to avert your eyes if you are squeamish to mushy talk: 

Mr. the husband, 
You are my entire world and everything in my life has be truly blessed since you entered it. You are an excellent father, a wonderful pet owner, and the best husband. You have given me everything I have ever wanted and more. I am so glad that your crazy parents got together and of course that I am terrible in Algebra and transferred to your class. (I always knew there was a reason for my math stupidity! Fortunately for KLAND it didn't rub off.) Thanks for the ride home that day. 

Happy Birthday My Love.



Kathleen said...

awwww Happy birthday...

Mitchell Family said...

Happy Birthday Joe!
Love your cousin-

EatPlayLove said...

Happy Birthday, mushie gushie! Hope you baked your hubby a cake!

love2cook said...

Happy Birthday! Very sweet!