Monday, August 11, 2008

i give you my love and you hand me a pathetic cucumber

Where do I begin with the garden? I felt so smug this spring. Planting everything in neat little rows. Discussing gardening with my friends (like I was some sort of gardener who knew what she was doing).  But alas, I have produced one damn cucumber. It is small too and curved. Granted there are some phallic looking green parts on the plant but they have been there for weeks now. Doing nothing. I almost forgot the three garlic bulbs. They turned out ok.  The squash plant is taking over and has yet to produce anything that looks like a squash. It has a month and a half before prime squash eating time begins and so far it is just a large leafy plant. I have 3 small orange tomatoes. I don't remember buying a cherry tomato plant, but that is what they look like. Granted I have never had luck with tomatoes. I even sacrificed the chard and gave it to the bugs to keep the rest of the garden happy.  

Two years ago we had so much food it was simply insane. Cukes everywhere. Lots of squash, beans, carrots, even some red and proper sized tomatoes. I honestly can't figure out what the difference is. Same plant food, same watering schedule, same dirt. The weather was cooler in June followed by sweltering heat for 3 weeks. But COME ON GARDEN, give me a break, I just am not feeling the love with the lettuce trees that you have produced. 


laughingatchaos said...

No bees. Very very few bees this year in our garden. We're having the same problem. Just a few tomatoes, the peppers are non-existent...the basil is going great guns, though. And very few bees. That's what I'm thinkin'.

Cathy said...

I think lack of bees is right on the money. Fortunately we have bees coming to our mint, which is flowering, so our zucchini and tomatoes are doing pretty well. I'd be happy to give you some mint.

I bought broccoli rabe and arugula and both were destroyed by some bug.

EatPlayLove said...

I have one successful cuke plant and one that is producing little mini gerkins! ha! And I have harvested one zucchini. ONE. The tomatoes are ok, but that's just about it. My basil has even gone to seed already.

I have no advice for you. When I look at my garden, I just think how miraculous anything grew.

love2cook said...

I love gardens, but my green thumb needs work. Hubby is GREAT in this dept. We have one baby tomato plant and it's doing very well. It has plenty of sunlight, a watering schedule on a timer and I really think the humidity helps. However, our garden in ABQ,NM was amazing! I definitely think it's my hubby's green thumb touch.

Love the new picture by the way. :)