Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I was so mad she was given a time out. She being the car.

I thought that I would grace you all with my opinions about the DNC. How great I thought HIllary's speech was. How we can't keep continuing the idea of trickle down economics but instead need to empower everyone. You know the adage "your only as strong as your weakest link" thing. But instead I am going to complain about the mama mobile. The DVD player in it hasn't worked since May. Taking the princess in to the dealer is a horrible experience. You need to leave it the entire day. The husband generally high tails it to some foreign country like Texas when she needs her little check ups. I waited as long as possible. I could handle the "are we there yets for a while."

So, yesterday, I drive her in at 8 am, remove car seats, schlepp car seats and children into dealership for the little chat at the desk. (This is even more fun with an infant seat.) Then children, car seats, and yours truly wait in the kid area until the shuttle shows up. (All other areas are off limits to my children, there is friggin art glass vases on shelves sprinkled about and don't get me started on marble bathrooms with cloth hand towels.) This process yesterday took an hour and a half. She needed her oil changed and some ten million point inspection they do. She tells me repeatedly when she is due every time I start her up. So after getting the reminder letter and emails I bit the bullet and took her in. At the cute little desk I attempted to explain her kid babysitter, i.e. the dvd player, was no longer working, driving longer than an hour was becoming a nightmare please fix it. Then after waiting an hour and a half I loaded children, car seats, pregnant self into the shuttle. (Which this time happened to be a very nice dealer car because they couldn't find the shuttle driver.) Did anyone help the nice pregnant lady with the pleasant boy and the tantrum throwing girl carry car seats???? NO! So when the gentleman riding in the front passenger seat got to get dropped off first (for the Colorado people, read: IN ERIE!!!!) I became annoyed.

Once home I mellowed. Both children took a nap. And who should call during the nap but the good old dealership stating princess was ready to be picked up. I once again explained I would need the shuttle. To which I was told, he'll give you a call. So 20 minutes later Mr. Shuttle called, where do you live. I told him.

"I live at 13-- T--j---.

"OK on P---."

"No, on T--."

"Oh, I see P--G--."

"No it is Spanish there is both a T as in Tom and a J in that word."

Then he says I get it now. And for those of you familiar with my street name he says it like it is spelled. Now I ask you, do you pronounce the j in fajita?

Then I plead with him to pick me up later so I don't have to wake the kids up. After explaining the not so quiet riot that would occur he agreed.

After arriving at the destination I plunked down the $140 for the oil change and whatever else they do to it. And yes you read that correctly. I was told the DVD player didn't work because the fuse was out. He explained to me that the fuse is located with the accessory set so the voltage cell phone plug in thing (it used to be a cigarette lighter in older cars) can cause it to short out. Some cell phone chargers do that. However, I don't charge fancy schmancy phone in the car, but DO remember a boy sticking a penny into the no longer a cigarette lighter thing. Oops.

So after schlepping kids, car seats, belly back into the mama mobile I turned the babysitter on and it worked. We stopped off at the library which is all of ten minutes away so I could put a book on hold. When we got back to the car the DVD player was no longer working. My blood pressure was pretty high. After a few choice words I took us home and changed the batteries in the remote (the piece of shit only works by remote) but that didn't work. SOOOOOOO, tomorrow I get to do this all over again.

Princess did receive a gold star on Sunday however, she only cost me $67.05 to fill her up as opposed to the usually $82. I was doing the oh so dorky happy dance at the gas station.


Cathy said...

I would DIE if I had to go to the dealership with kids two days in a row. And you can't have a drink to make it all better--hang in there.

laughingatchaos said...

SHoot me if I have to take both boys with me to the dealership, and ours is reasonably kid-friendly.
As for the DVD player...learn to change a fuse. I had to when our darling son left the automatic battery charger plugged in in the way back and we didn't notice until the radio stopped working. Gah. Oh, and kick some dealership ass for them not fixing and keeping it fixed. You're pregnant...I'm sure you have some inner rage you can unleash on them LOL

love2cook said...

Oh my goodness!! That is SO ridiculous and ANNOYING!! I'm so sorry that happened and I hope things get better!

EatPlayLove said...

you should have bought a toyota. 30 dollar oil change in 30 minutes at the dealer while you wait.